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The Untold Truth About Hand Sanitizers

The untold truth about hand sanitizers

What would we do without hand sanitizer? It is portable, easy to use, and efficient at removing many common pathogens. Plus, it does not require running water, a luxury we sometimes…

The Untold Truth Of Clean Beauty

The untold truth of clean beauty

According to some dermatologists and cosmetic chemists, clean beauty products may be better for your skin.  "From my unique vantage point as a facialist for the past 25 years, having…

The Untold Truth About Egg Nog

The untold truth about Egg Nog

It's the most wonderful, or terrible, time of the year. Because everybody's favorite (or least favorite) calorie-packed, viscous seasonal beverage has made its annual, puddy yellow return. That's right, y'all.…

The Untold Truth Of Halloween

The Untold Truth Of Halloween

It's one of America's most beloved holidays, but Halloween didn't get its start in the United States. Travel back in time with us (and we mean way back) to learn…

The Untold Truth Of James Charles

The untold truth of James Charles

Like many young people, Charles has made some mistakes. In 2017 he came under fire after posting a tweet that many found offensive. On a school trip to Africa, he…

The Untold Truth Of Father’s Day

The Untold Truth of Father’s Day

Honoring thy father is a concept that dates back to the very roots of human civilization. But the day meant to really make your dad feel special is far, far…

The Untold Truth Of Bulletproof Coffee

The Untold Truth of Bulletproof Coffee

There are a lot of fads out there, but this is a particularly strange one. Bulletproof Coffee has become incredibly popular over the last few years. In fact, it has…

The Untold Truth Of Matcha Tea

The Untold Truth Of Matcha Tea

Perhaps the most important thing to know about matcha tea is that it's absolutely delicious. There's a lot more to the tasty green matcha tea beverage than its scrumptious, creamy…

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