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16 Genius Beauty Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

16 Genius Beauty Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Most people have a bottle of apple cider vinegar sitting in their pantry, but few realize what a gold mine this ubiquitous (and oh-so-cheap!) ingredient is. ACV (essentially just the…

Coconut Oil For Beauty

Coconut Oil for Beauty

Going through the pages of history and scientific researches, we can find numerous benefits of coconut oil known to man. Coconut oil has been used for hundreds of years all…

The Untold Truth Of Clean Beauty

The untold truth of clean beauty

According to some dermatologists and cosmetic chemists, clean beauty products may be better for your skin.  "From my unique vantage point as a facialist for the past 25 years, having…

What Are The Real Benefits Of Glycerin Beauty Products?

What are the real benefits of glycerin beauty products?

Also referred to as glycerine and glycerol, glycerin has been known to soften and smooth skin. According to cosmetic chemist Perry Romanowski, "Glycerin can actually signal your superficial skin cells to mature more…

9 Holiday Gifts For The Beauty Aficionado

9 Holiday Gifts for the Beauty Aficionado

We’ve all got that person on our holiday gift list: she always smells fantastic, her nails change color every couple of weeks, and her skin seems to be glowing even…

15 DIY Beauty Gifts In A Jar

15 DIY Beauty Gifts in a Jar

Last year we talked food gifts in a jar for the foodies on your list. This year, we’re putting beauty gifts in a jar for your spa-loving friends. This was…

Beauty Rules The Royals Are Forced To Follow

Beauty rules the royals are forced to follow

As royals aren't keen on looking messy or unkempt, it would make sense that there'd be a rule about the public application of makeup. According to Harper's Bazaar, members of…

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