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Air Fryers Help With Healthy Cooking


The Science Of Happiness : Strategies For A Joyful Life

Life can get messy and unpredictable sometimes, and some things are just out of our control. The way we react to certain triggers and situations and how we show up in life determine how joyful or miserable our lives can turn out to be. It takes intentional action to make life joyful and live a…

Sense of Entitlement: What Makes You Entitled, 27 Signs & Ways to Overcome It

If we want to talk about a sense of entitlement, let’s talk about something we’re all familiar with. The selfie and social video generation. We’ve all seen them. They are in the queue for a coffee, at the park, in the library – heck, they might even be you! They have their phones angled just…

What It Is, 36 Signs, Tips & Steps to Raise It and Feel Great

  It can be hard to raise a strong sense of self, but it’s life-changing once you know how. Follow this guide and you’ll flourish! Life is a very challenging, ever-changing journey, but getting to know yourself is the toughest test of all. It can take you years to figure out your own sense of…

Feeling Stuck in Life? Practicing Ways to Get Going Again

There will come a time in your life when you may feel that you are no longer living in the moment. You may look at things going on around you and feel hopeless and stuck, like you are on autopilot and things just happen to you rather than you being the one in the driver’s…

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