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Why Guys Like Short Girls & the Subtle Signs to Tell If You’re His Type

It’s true that we all have our types, whether we’re acutely aware of it or not. There are just certain body types, hair colors, and even eye colors that we prefer over others. Is this kind of shallow? Maybe. But it’s the way we are. Therefore, guys all have a type, and there’s not a lot you can do about it if you don’t fit in with their preferences. For many guys, it’s about height. So, why do guys like short girls?

Truth be told, it all depends on the person.

Some guys may want very tall women, and others might like them short. You can never really tell what a guy likes just by looking at him. You also can’t just assume that if a guy is also on the shorter side, that he likes short girls.

We all like different traits

You might like short guys with a stronger build. Your friend might like tall guys who are slender and toned. Why do you have these differences in taste? Genetics. Basically, we like what we like because our bodies see someone and decide that we would be a genetic match.

That’s really how it works. When you see someone, your brain is already making connections based on your DNA and determining if a person’s body, face shape, hair color, and everything else would be a great match with yours.

This happens subconsciously, and you don’t really even know about it.

It’s good news on many levels. If we all liked the same things, can you imagine the competition? It would be a nightmare!

We’d all be falling out with one another, trying to attract the same person time and time again. For that reason, it’s a blessing that we’re all attracted to different traits.

What are your preferences? You might not be aware of them at first, but you can pretty much figure it out by looking back on your dating history and searching for similarities between your exes.

Were they all taller than you? Were they all well-built? Did they all have blonde hair? It’s fun to find out, at least!

Do guys like short girls because they want to feel masculine?

Probably the main reason why a lot of guys like shorter girls is because it makes them feel more masculine. It’s almost like he’s looking after you, playing the knight in shining armor act. It plays to his male ego and makes him feel special.

However, there are also plenty of guys out there who really don’t care about height at all. They shouldn’t, after all. A taller girl might be a wonderful fit for him, so why should he pass her over because he has a fixation with girls who are smaller than he is?

Despite all of this, you’ll probably struggle to find a guy who has zero hang ups when he’s out with his girlfriend, and she’s considerably taller than him.

How can you tell if a guy likes shorter girls?

The process of determining who fits your type is a silent, internal process. Therefore, you won’t be able to tell if a guy likes short girls just by looking at him. You can, however, tell if he likes your type by other means. Here’s how to know if the guy you’re after likes short girls.

1. He’s dated short girls in the past

Look at all his exes. Were they pretty short? Even if he did date a taller girl, pay attention to the majority. If they’re mostly all short, then he definitely has a thing for shorter girls.

However, you might find that there really isn’t a trend in the women he’s dated. Some are tall, others average, and then there may be some short girls too. If this is the case, he’s a guy who doesn’t really care much for height specifically. He focuses on other things.

2. He’s on the shorter side too

Now, this isn’t the standard by any means. Some shorter men love tall women with long legs who tower over them. However, it’s pretty common for shorter guys to prefer women who are shorter than they are.

This has a lot to do with the fact that many shorter men often don’t feel very masculine. They’re short. Other men are much taller, and therefore, they feel less manly. Short women make them feel as though they’re taller than they are. They can feel like more of a man if the woman is smaller.

3. You’ve noticed he tends to hit on shorter women

Notice his behavior. Does he go around hitting on shorter women or taller women? You can easily tell this if you’re both in the same bar or nightclub. Who does he gravitate toward?

Guys tend to go for women they prefer. If you notice he ends up talking to a bunch of taller women, he probably prefers them. However, that’s not to say that he doesn’t like short girls then. It’s just a great way to see the type of girl he likes.

4. He seems uninterested when taller women talk to him

Now watch the women who are approaching him. If they’re tall girls, does he seem interested? Does he flirt and lean in close and smile a lot? If so, he might like tall women. However, this could also just be because she’s very attractive no matter her height.

A great way to tell is if he tends to talk longer with the shorter women. It might be pretty obvious if he’s having long discussions with shorter women. You also have to keep in mind that sometimes he could just be politely chatting and not interested at all.

5. He openly tells you that he likes shorter girls

Some guys are very open about the fact that they love short girls.

You’ll know if a guy likes short girls if he talks about it. Sometimes guys get together and discuss what they like in women, and if you’re around, you’ll learn. He might also just say he doesn’t like tall women. Meaning, he just doesn’t like girls taller than he is.

So, why do guys like short girls?

This isn’t to say that men like women under a certain height, but rather, they like women who are shorter than they are. Yes, some guys might like women who are taller than they are, but this isn’t typically the norm. Here’s why men seem to like girls on the shorter side.

1. It just makes them feel more masculine

We’ve already mentioned that guys love to feel manly. That’s really the bulk of what you need to know about what guys like. It’s why men prefer very feminine-looking women. And that’s why some guys prefer women who are shorter.

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking all guys have an ego problem and only need you to make them feel manly. However, a very large reason guys like short girls is because they can feel bigger, and therefore, manlier.

2. It makes them feel like they’re protecting you

It gives them a sense of protectiveness. Again, this has a lot to do with masculinity. Guys want to feel manly. So by being larger than the women they date, they’ll feel like they can protect them.

This is also related to a guy’s instinct to protect. That job is made easier when the women are a bit smaller and the guy would feel like he’s capable of protecting her.

3. Sadly, it seems to be more socially acceptable

Unfortunately, this is just reality. Guys who are dating women taller than them get funny looks because others think it makes the man look less manly.

This is a very twisted image society has projected onto people. However, guys still feel affected by it.

4. Some guys find shorter girls less intimidating

Do you know why models are so very intimidating? It doesn’t really have to do with the fact that they’re beautiful. Many short women are beautiful. Models are very tall and they tower over others.

Weaker men with smaller egos would rather not have a woman look intimidating to them. It can make them feel small and therefore, like less of a man. Even though they’re not.

5. Shorter girls are considered to be more motherly

This has nothing to do with the fact that women are shorter, and has more to do with psychology. When guys see a shorter woman, they subconsciously think she’s more nurturing and motherly.

This is all about genetics and how our minds perceive shorter women.

Size doesn’t matter, height doesn’t matter

Men have been hung up on the size of their penis for centuries, but it seems that we’re bringing a whole new size issue into the equation.

Put simply, height doesn’t matter, just as size doesn’t matter. You’ll find men who love short girls, you’ll find men who love tall girls. You’ll also find countless men who really don’t care about height and are more concerned about other traits and qualities.

So do guys like short girls? The answer is, it depends. Some do, and others might like their women on the taller side. It really just depends on the guy. But overall, there seems to be a preference for shorter women.

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