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The untold truth of clean beauty

According to some dermatologists and cosmetic chemists, clean beauty products may be better for your skin. 

“From my unique vantage point as a facialist for the past 25 years, having treated over 25,000 faces, I have seen how the proliferation of harsh ingredients — including dimethicone, fragrance, colorants, and sulfates — compromise the skin’s lipid barrier, thereby sensitizing the skin,” Angela Caglia, a celebrity aesthetician told The Zoe Report. Cosmetic scientist Dr. Shuting Hu, Ph.D., who has worked with clean beauty company Acaderma, agreed with Caglia, telling The Zoe Report, “I personally believe in using clean ingredients as it is the very best way to prevent skin irritation and skin barrier damages, both of which are better for skin health.” She added, “Not only is it my belief, it is also scientifically proven.” 

But Hu added, “clean” isn’t synonymous with “natural.” Hu said, “Plenty of natural ingredients are irritating, and not all natural materials are made equally,” adding, “Some high quality synthesized ingredients are also clean, like vitamin C.”

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