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You’ve been using lip scrubs wrong this entire time

The next thing you’ve been doing wrong with lip scrubs is rinsing your lips off too quickly. It’s best to let your lips absorb the product before washing it off. Vogue recommends leaving it on lips for up to one minute before using a damp wash towel to remove it rather than just straight water.

In terms of how often you should be using a lip scrub, Vogue advises that you should never do it more than twice a week as it may cause irritation or damage. If you do experience these side effects, stop using the lip scrub immediately. 

Lip scrubs with salicylic acid are more likely to cause irritation so be wary when you’re making the initial purchase. When in doubt, make your own natural lip scrub at home using either baking soda with water or brown sugar with coconut oil.

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