The Extraction Follows Its Electronic Nose

Sight, sound, and smell: the triumvirate of sensory feedback upon which the roaster’s craft depends. Production roasting can be automated, but setting those profiles has traditionally relied on human sensory experience. That may be changing. We already knew color can be [...]


The Untold Truth About Kissing

There is an abundance of advice out there about how to become the world’s best kisser. The reality is kissing is extremely variable. People prefer different styles of kissing at different times and, since everyone does so in their [...]


What is a Fuccboi? 14 Signs to Recognize Him & Get Away in Time

 Is the guy you see acting suspiciously distant, yet always around for sex? Could it be that you’ve encountered the mystical fuccboi? Listen, maybe if you’re really lucky, you won’t encounter the fuccboi. But in all honesty, no matter how [...]

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