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Presenting the Coffee Roasting Forum with Diedrich and Firedancer



Roast magazine is proud to present the Coffee Roasting Forum, an online community-building and training event for craft coffee roasters led by Diedrich Roasters and Firedancer Coffee Consultants.

You can register for free here.

Here is the press release in full:

Diedrich Roasters and Firedancer Coffee Consultants Announce the Coffee Roasting Forum

An Online Community-Building and Training Event for Craft Coffee Roasters, Presented by Roast Magazine

PORTLAND, Ore. (April 13, 2021) — Diedrich Roasters and Firedancer Coffee Consultants are proud to announce a new digital one-day educational and social event called the Coffee Roasting Forum, to be held May 20, 2021. The event will offer educational sessions, an online cupping and networking opportunities for the coffee roasting community.

Lectures will include The Chemistry of Coffee, Exploring Roast Profiles of Different Processing Methods, Covid-19 and the Specialty Coffee Chain, and a session on the state of the coffee industry presented by Ric Rhinehart, former executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association.

According to Karl Schmidt, CEO of Diedrich Roasters, “Diedrich Roasters and Firedancer Consulting decided to host the online event to connect the coffee industry. The last year has been a challenging time for our industry with the interruption of Covid-19. In order to communicate and share ideas with our customers and coffee enthusiasts, we had to find different ways and approaches to facilitate and continue the conversation through different channels. Diedrich has chosen this venue to connect and collaborate with some of our colleagues and partners in the industry to share and address some of the important topics and questions we face as a community.”

Lecture presenters for the Coffee Roasting Forum will include:

  • Karl Schmidt, Diedrich Roasters
  • Phyllis Johnson, BD Coffee Imports
  • Mike Ebert, Firedancer Coffee Consultants
  • Ric Rhinehart, former Executive Director of the Specialty Coffee Association
  • Eileen Schwab and Tony Tausch, Coffee Emporium
  • Connie Blumhardt, Roast magazine (host)

The event registration is free. For more information, visit

About Diedrich Roasters: Diedrich coffee is recognized in the coffee community as a quality manufacturer of “Specialty Roasters” with the largest installed base in North America. Every roaster is engineered and meticulously handcrafted to be precise and user-friendly to help you achieve gentle, consistent roasting. Diedrich offers a wide variety of capacities to help coax and achieve the best flavor and aroma consistently from every bean batch after batch — regardless of origin, roasting profile or desired preparation method.

About Firedancer Consultants: Firedancer Coffee Consultants offer consulting and project management focused on the specialty beverage industry. Clients can seek assistance in business process design, improvements and implementation. Firedancer offers years of collective experience and insight to create systems and structures that link business operations and manufacturing production systems with effective and practical management solutions.

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