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coffee or tea

Coffee Versus Tea – Which Should You Drink?

Most people have a beverage preference of tea or coffee. Sometimes, people will drink both, but they always favour one over the other. Each of these beverages offers some health benefits, but one of them is healthier for you to drink.

Tea has a lot of antioxidants, which means that it can help your body fight off any inflammations or infections. Coffee also has antioxidants, but unlike tea, it contains more nutritional benefits.

It contains more nutrients and minerals that help your body fight off diseases and boost your immune system. Tea is good for the heart. It can help your arteries by preventing the accumulation of buildup that leads to heart attacks.

Coffee does the exact same thing. If you drink green tea – especially if you have a heavy green tea habit – the beverage can cause you to become dehydrated. Coffee doesn’t have the same side effect even though the caffeine in both beverages is considered by some to be a diuretic.

The truth is that neither beverage is a diuretic. If you find yourself having to urinate more after having coffee or tea, it’s only because of the increase of fluids in your body.

You’d have the same reaction after drinking water. Both coffee and tea can help you keep memory loss at bay. Both can give you energy, but coffee gives you more than tea does.

People who drink coffee not only have large doses of antioxidants, but they also gain protection from certain diseases like cancer or type 2 diabetes. Both coffee and tea can improve the glucose levels in people who are diabetic.

At first glance, it appears that coffee and tea run neck and neck for all the good health benefits that either one can offer you.

One vital difference between coffee and tea consumption.

coffee or tea

Tea contains something called tannins. This is a polyphenol, a kind of natural chemical. Depending on the type of tea that you drink, you can end up with a lot of tannins in your beverage.

What is known as a healthy tea, green tea, has one of the highest amounts of tannin. This chemical acts to block the body from absorbing the iron in the foods that you eat.

It can cut your absorption rate by as much as 50% if you have a glass of tea along with your meals. That’s why people who drink tea often end up with low iron and some go as far as to end up with anemia.

Coffee doesn’t have this same impact. So when it comes to choosing a beverage that tastes great and is healthy for you, coffee is the better choice from health standards.

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