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Relaxing Coffee Activity Ideas

Drinking coffee is a habit that millions of people have. While there are some who want it for the caffeine, most people drink coffee because it can help them alleviate stress.

It can be a way to relax and be kind to themselves before or after a grueling day of work or the perfect beverage to cap off a day that was truly enjoyable as you savor the best moments life has to offer. Coffee works for both occasions.

Morning Coffee Breaks

morning coffee breaks

There’s nothing like that morning drive in traffic to cause even the calmest person to feel a great deal of stress. But what many people do is turn their chaotic commute into a quiet time of relaxation with coffee.

You can take the beverage along in a travel mug and as you sip it, taking note of all that’s good about your life. You can practice deep breathing and watch the scenery as you have your coffee and enjoy the calming aroma and soothing warmth.

Make note of all the beautiful things that you see on your drive. The blue sky with the fluffy clouds or the overcast horizon that makes you think of favorite memories associated with rainy days.

You can admire the structures of buildings as you drink your coffee on the train or bus. Having coffee on a commute can help start your day in a nurturing way and help you associate driving with relaxation rather than stress.

If it’s early enough on your drive in, you can catch the stunning beauty of the sunrise and let the peace of a new day wash over you. If you don’t have to go in to work in the morning, you can sip coffee and watch the sunrise.

There’s something beautiful about the dawn of a world that’s just waking up. It’s filled with fresh possibilities. This type of morning quietness with coffee can help prepare you for a long or busy day ahead.

Another good activity that you can do with coffee is meditate. Coffee is associated with warm, happy feelings of contentment – so it already causes you to be in the mindset of feeling relaxed.

This makes it easier for you to be able to clear your mind. You can center your attention on how drinking the coffee affects your senses. Pay attention to the feel of the mug in your hands.

Focus on the feel of the warmth of the coffee and how it makes you feel relaxed. Inhale the scent. Then as you drink it, take the time to let the flavor linger on your tongue.

Feel it warming you on the inside and the comfort that it gives you. Another morning coffee activity that you can do is to knit or crochet. Both of these activities appeal to the creative side of people – plus they’re relaxing.

The needles work in a rhythmic style that’s soothing and it allows your mind to concentrate on a simple, easy action. When you knit frequently as you drink your morning coffee, within a few short days or weeks, you’ll have a finished project such as a blanket, socks or other item that will remind you of the pleasure you derive from having coffee while you created it.

Some people choose to work on an art project to start their day and get the creative juices flowing. These can range in time and scope, but all of them can be done while you drink your coffee.

You can create collages for yourself, a friend or family member by using photos, notecards and other mementos. If you’re planning to do a home renovation project in the future, you can use your coffee activity time to create an idea or vision board.

This will let you pin images and ideas of how you’d like your new space to look. You can add paint samples, flooring samples or whatever you think you’d like to have.

You might choose to do a more hands on activity with your morning coffee as part of your relaxation time. You can create things like DIY lampshades. One idea is to make a lampshade with covers from your favorite books or movies. Or you can put pages from your favorite book over a plain lampshade, then cover it with an adhesive like Mod Podge.

You can use maps on the lampshade or pressed flowers, or any item like photos or postcards that appeal to you. Drinking coffee and doing craft projects like that helps destress you as well as give you something to enjoy.

You can choose to paint while you drink your coffee. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, a room in your house or working with watercolor, charcoal, or acrylic paint on a canvas, painting is a well-known tension reliever.

Or you may choose to simply sit and relax in silence or as you read the morning newspaper or watch TV to start your day. It’s the perfect beverage to wake you up and help you wind down.

Evening Coffee Breaks

When the day winds down, that’s when people look forward to relaxing. It’s time to destress from the events of the day and clear the mind. That’s one of the many reasons why most people have an evening coffee break ritual.

There are plenty of activities that go along with evening coffee breaks that can add to that relaxation. You can enjoy a rich, decadent dessert or some other treat that you save just for your evenings with coffee.

Having something sweet to eat often enhances both the flavor and the enjoyment of the coffee. Some people use the time to try out some different homemade sweet treats to see which recipes are worth keeping.

Other people like to curl up in a comfortable chair and dig into a fiction novel. You can get into one of your favorite books or use the time to discover new authors. It may be the perfect time to catch up on your magazine reading or enjoy the books that you’ve downloaded onto your e-reader.

You can use this evening coffee time to enjoy reading nonfiction books or other material that interests you. Enjoying a cup of coffee in the evening is something that you can do while watching your favorite television series or a movie.

You can sip coffee while searching for a new series to watch or looking at funny videos. Laughter is a great way to destress. Taking your coffee with you and going out with your camera to take shots of the outdoors, your pet, or anything that interests you is another thing that you can do to help nurture yourself in the late afternoon or evening hours.

Doing this will feed your need to relax, to be creative and to enjoy nature. Some people find it relaxing to enjoy their coffee while they’re framing the pictures they took or finding other ways of showcasing them.

It’s easy to let the tension drain from your muscles and from your body while you’re having coffee and doing something such as playing an instrument. Again, you’re tapping into the creative side of you and music has the ability to soothe.

In fact, playing an instrument is recommended as a way to deal with stress, to promote healing and to engage in self-expression. Your mind can learn to associate your evening coffee break and playing the instrument with letting go of the things that may have irritated you during the day.

This will help your mind be able to reach the place where it’s able to let go of the things that bothered you. The stress flows out of you just like the music notes do. Some people prefer to play a board game while enjoying their coffee.

While there are plenty of these around for two or more players, you can find board games for solo players. You can also enjoy card games that you can play or you can take part in puzzle or building games.

Some evening coffee break activities can include things like working on putting together a puzzle or building a collector’s set with blocks or putting together a model car.

Sitting on the porch or by the pool with a cup of coffee while you watch the sun go down is another great coffee activity. You can do this at home or you can take your coffee with you and drive to a park or the beach or some other place that you’d be able to watch the sunset.

Work Coffee Breaks

coffee breaks

While you’re at work, you’re usually on some else’s schedule. You may also have to put up with stressful demands or a heavy workload. But thankfully, you also get breaks where you can enjoy some coffee and take the time to create windows of relaxation.

During a work coffee break, you can play some soft music or instrumental music to listen to through your headphones. Some people choose to listen to the sound of nature – like birds singing or rain falling.

You can also enjoy a fragrant cup of coffee and practice some office yoga poses. These are simple, easy to do poses. You can do them right from your office chair and they’ll help add to the relaxation that you experience when you’re drinking coffee.

Taking your coffee break with co-workers and just talking can be an enjoyable and stress relieving activity. When you talk, it engages the part of your brain that helps alleviate stress.

Even if you don’t talk about things that are bothering you, having a connection with someone else is a known stress buster. If you aren’t in a situation where you have coworkers or can talk to coworkers, you can call a friend, partner or family member during your coffee break.

Giving and receiving attention and love helps you release those feel good hormones. What some people do to make the most of their office coffee break is bring an adult coloring book to the office.

You can find these coloring books in stores or online. So many of them create works of art when you’re done coloring in the picture. This self expression is a way to nurture yourself during a break.

You can also take a sketch pad – and even if you don’t feel that you have any artistic talent, just doodling while you drink coffee can release tension. Making time for a change of scenery when you’re having your work coffee break is a beneficial way to relax.

You can take your coffee with you and go for a walk in the building if the weather is bad. Or, if the weather is nice, then you can walk outside the building. Being in the sunshine is a great mood booster, too.

If you don’t have a long time for your coffee break and have to stay at your desk, you can still take a few minutes to enjoy the sips of a warm beverage and do something like play a game on your phone.

You can spend a few minutes listening to a new language or learning more about a skill that you’re interested in. Study an exotic location and its language and make plans to visit there someday as you enjoy your coffee.

Weekend Coffee Breaks

When most people think about the weekend, they automatically imagine that it’s a time to relax and recover from the work week. Having a weekend coffee habit can make that time more enjoyable.

People drink coffee on the weekends because it’s associated with fun things they do that gives them moments to themselves. It works on the brain’s reward system – which is why it’s such a treat.

There are plenty of relaxing coffee activities that you can do on the weekend along with having your favorite cup of this tasty beverage. You can journal. Even if you’re not a writer, free writing in a journal while you’re having coffee is an excellent way of stimulating ideas, figuring out problems, discovering something about yourself and even venting about things that bother you.

Going out for weekend coffee breaks with friends feeds the need for fun, socialization and relaxation all in one. With a weekend coffee break, you can set up a Skype time with a friend or family member who lives in another state.

You’ll gain the same benefit from seeing them online that you would if you’d traveled to visit them. You can use your weekend coffee break habit as a way to pamper yourself.

While you’re having your coffee, you can go online and do some shopping. You can buy treats for yourself and have them shipped to you or you can download the newest music album and enjoy instant gratification with your coffee.

You can create digital or physical scrapbooks while you drink your coffee. You’ll be doing something that you like while at the same time doing something creative that could help preserve your family’s memories.

If you go outdoors, you can enjoy your coffee while going on a nature walk or while birdwatching. You can also enjoy drinking your coffee while you have an outdoor picnic.

If it’s evening, you can lie back on a blanket or in a hammock and watch the stars and moon while you enjoy your coffee. This is a beverage that’s so versatile – being able to give you energy or help you relax, whenever you need it.

Find the best moments life has to offer and integrate a coffee break into them so that you’ll enjoy the moments even more.

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