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Why Preppers Are Stocking Up on Survival Coffee?

You want to be prepared for a SHTF situation and to get prepared, you have to have the most important items put in storage. Preppers everywhere are stocking up on survival coffee because they understand the importance of its value.

Coffee not only gives you many health benefits and nutrients, but it can help you live longer even when you’re living in a SHTF situation.

You can get the benefits of antioxidants like you’d get from fresh fruits – which may not be all that plentiful when life as you know it can take a downward turn.

Coffee can help diabetics who might have to ration pills keep their glucose levels at a lower range. The beverage also helps to keep the gastrointestinal system healthier.

There are many reasons why preppers are stockpiling coffee.

One of the reasons is because coffee can help do what water filters and tablets can’t. When you’re living in conditions that are primitive at best, you’re still going to need water.

Depending on that source of water, no matter how much you clean or purify it, it’s never going to taste that good. By making coffee with the water you have on hand, you can ensure that you and your family are able to get the hydration they need even if the water tastes unpleasant.

You won’t notice that unpleasantness if the water is made into decaf coffee. Everyone who has ever had a cup of coffee knows that the beverage is good at kickstarting both their minds and bodies.

That’s because coffee is loaded with caffeine and this ingredient is a known energy booster. When you’re caught up in a situation that’s stressful and you’re just trying to survive, that energy boost comes in handy.

If there’s ever a time where you need to be thinking clearly, it’s in the event of a SHTF situation. You have to be alert and ready for anything. This is where coffee can come. Drinking the beverage gives you better cognitive function.

preppers and coffee

This helps you respond faster and with more clarity than if you didn’t have coffee in your system. Another reason that preppers are stockpiling coffee is because while it’s plentiful now, that won’t always be the case.

History proves that in the event of a crisis situation such as a war, weather related upheaval, or other type of chaos, certain items are in limited supplies. One of these items is coffee.

It’s always in high demand during a crisis. You won’t be able to buy it if there’s none to be had. Because of its universal appeal, coffee can be used in exchange for money during a crisis when you may not be able to get to any funds.

Preppers are also putting coffee in storage because the beverage is known as a mood lifter and during a crisis, that will come in handy. Whether you need energy or something soothing, this drink will be the pick-me-up that you and your loved ones crave.

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