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Why Do People Ignore Me? 12 Real Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

The worst feeling in the world is feeling ignored. If you’re asking, why do people ignore me, it’s time you looked at the reasons why it’s happening.

Being ignored sucks. It sucks, even more, when you don’t know the answer when you’re wondering, why do people ignore me? At least if you knew why, you could decide for yourself whether or not you want to change your behavior.

But in this case, you have no idea why people are ignoring you. It hurts. When I was younger, I was ignored all the time by my classmates, even my friends. And I didn’t understand why no one would explain to me what was going on. So, instead, I became louder and more “in your face.” This is the only way I could get people’s attention.

In the end, I became even more annoying for people, but what did they expect me to do? Sit there and be quiet? I don’t think so. [Read: How to respond like a grown up when someone deliberately ignores you]

Why do people ignore me? 12 reasons why

If you’re feeling like people are ignoring you, I’m really sorry. It’s a horrible feeling to experience. My friends used to tease me when I’d talk to everyone who spoke to me, even having long conversations with people I met in the checkout line at the supermarket.

I know what it feels like to be ignored, and if I can avoid making someone feel that way, I will. This doesn’t mean you talk to everyone you meet on the street! If you’re wondering why people ignore you, it’s time to figure it out. I’m not saying it’s your fault, but maybe there’s a behavior you can change to make people approach you.

And if you work on yourself and they’re still ignoring you—screw them. Let’s get to the bottom of this so you have an answer when you wonder, why do people ignore me.

#1 You don’t listen to other people. Perhaps your friends told you that you’re not a good listener, yet, you continue to not listen. For many people, it’s extremely annoying to talk to someone who’s only interested in talking about themselves. Are you making an effort to listen to other people when they speak? Or is it only about you? [Read: The bad friendship skills that push the people around you away]

#2 You’re too needy. People want to hang around others who aren’t going to hold onto them like a ten-pound weight. It’s not fun to hang out with someone who needs constant help. If you’re needy, you’re a lot of work for other people. And it can quickly become suffocating. Back off a bit, and give the people around you some breathing room.

#3 It’s never your fault. You have an excuse for everything, even when it’s clearly your turn to apologize. I get it, saying sorry isn’t easy. But apologizing isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of maturity. If you blame others or are unable to admit your mistakes, the people around you will slowly fade away.[Read: 18 habits that build friendships that last a lifetime]

#4 You’re dishonest. People want to hang around others who are honest and truthful. They don’t want to spend their time with someone who lies and makes them think twice with every word they say. If people don’t trust you, they’re going to ignore you, and it’ll happen fast.

#5 You’re criticizing others too much. Criticism is good, and to a point, people need to hear it. But you also need to give compliments. If you’re focusing only on constructive criticism, you’re not going to have too many friends left. Sometimes, people don’t want to be told what they’re doing isn’t a good idea. Sometimes, they just need support.

#6 It’s not you, it’s them. There are some cases where you’re not doing anything wrong. In fact, the people who are ignoring you are jealous or bitter over your achievements, etc. So, they want to bring you down the only way they can. This is when they ignore you and make you feel small. Cut them loose. You don’t need them.

#7 You don’t see the bright side of life. There’s so much beauty in the world, but you’re sticking to the negative. I have this problem. Sure, I see the beauty, but I get stuck on the negative side of things. And the thing is, if you constantly focus on the negative, people will gravitate away from you. Rather than being a friend, you act as a weight. [Read: Is your negativity ruining your life?]

#8 You’re flaky. You made plans with someone weeks ago, but when the day of the event comes, you bail on them. See, people don’t like that. And if you do it long enough, they start moving away from you. You’re not reliable, and they don’t take your word as something of value anymore. [Read: Here’s why everyone should ditch their flaky friends]

#9 You’re selfish. Ah yes, this one is a little bit of a problem. You only want to do what you want to do when you’re out with friends. If you don’t get your way, there’s a bit of a temper tantrum thrown around. And after a while, it gets exhausting. Listen, you can’t always have it your way. It’s as simple as that.

#10 You’re rude. Not everyone wants to defend you in a fight that you started with your bad behavior. If you’re not polite when out in public and shaming people, you’re not going to have too many friends. Well, unless they’re just like you. If you’re always starting drama, people get tired of it.

#11 They don’t understand you. I know this list was a lot about you, but let’s get real. People also ignore what they don’t understand. You may be more quirky, outspoken, or more artistic than the people around you. And if they’re not, they may struggle with processing who you are. So, it’s easier for them to just ignore you. [Read: How to stop giving a damn about what other people think]

#12 You don’t express how you feel. If you think your friends are ignoring you, then say something. You may present yourself as someone who doesn’t care or doesn’t need help. And if you do that, people will assume this. If you’re feeling ignored, ask your friends what’s going on and see what they say. Maybe their reasons for distancing themselves are something you need to hear.

[Read: How to be charming and liked by everyone]

Thinking to yourself, why do people ignore me? It isn’t a nice thought to go to bed with. But I hope this helped you understand what’s going on with the people around you.

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