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Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe

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Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe

03/01/19 09:00:10

by: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

trussardi riflesso blue vibe

After the success of Riflesso (and the limited edition in the black bottle of the same composition Riflesso The Streets Of Milan) Italian brand Trussardi, under the licence of Angelini Beauty, is presenting the new fragrance TRUSSARDI RIFLESSO BLUE VIBE in March 2019.

The new chapter is about "a man with a double soul: a young business manager by day and an unexpected artist by night."

"The main theme is creativity as a weapon and a safe haven for the free soul who is nonetheless capable of complying with the harsh discipline of everyday life. Precisely for this reason, master perfumer Véronique Nyberg wrote an olfactory score with surprising ingredients such as the essential oil of Davana (a sacred plant dedicated to Shiva, the lord of time) that radically changes on every skin. There are also accords of Yuzu (an oriental citrus with antibacterial properties), Rum (the liqueur that Marco Polo called "sugar wine"), Artemisia (the variant used to prepare absinthe), and Italian Leather. It is a fragrant concentrate of creativity, dynamism, energy and introspection."

trussardi riflesso blue vibe

The composition is signed by perfumer Veronique Nyberg and it is based on contrasts: hot and cold, rational and emotional, elegant and subversive, sweet and bitter. The composition features rum, davana and yuzu in opening notes, announcing the geranium, hazelnuts and artemisia of the heart of the fragrance. The base notes link the entire fragrance to the heritage of Trussardi with notes of Italian leather, tobacco and amberwood. The fragrance is categorized as an aromatic-oriental-woody perfume.

Perfumer Veronique Nyberg explains the difference between both creation of Trussardi she composed: "Riflesso Blue Vibe is a concentrate of dynamism with an ultra-sensuality. I really wanted to emphasize some facets of Riflesso in this new version, but sexier, more vibrant, more contrasted, more addictive … Of course, I kept the leather signature of Riflesso, which is also an iconic symbol of Trussardi."

trussardi riflesso blue vibe



The flacon is designed by architect and designer Carlo Colombo. The frosted bottle is completely covered with grooves and painted in dark blue. Contrasting the dark blue color, the lime green lettering framed in a rectangular box engraved at the center of the bottle, stands out like a tattoo. An iconic, tactile object with a special ergonomic shape evoking the world of masculine values.


The advertising face is Andre Hamann, while the photographer of the visual campaign is Boo George. About the advertising campaign the brand says: "It is a comprehensive production, from the movie to the photos for the campaign and visuals. It includes an original soundtrack titled “Can you feel my Blue Vibe", a genuine claim of this special campaign that is set in Milan, the city that is a symbol for the Trussardi brand and for Italian style and design in general; a place with hidden corners of creativity and beauty everywhere."

andre hamann for trussardi


"In an outdoor setting at sunset, a handsome young man (Andrè Hamann) is jogging along the paths of Sempione Park and around Sforzesco Castle. After his daily jogging routine, he returns home: a luxurious, modern apartment on several levels. He undresses while heading to the bathroom, where he takes a quick shower. He lingers a few seconds in front of the mirror while applying his fragrance. He is young and sexy, with a fit, muscular physique on which striking tattoos are visible. He hides them under an elegant white shirt.

Now fully dressed, he quickly descends the stairs. He spent the whole day working, but the evening will be all for him and his passions. We see him driving a sports car that quietly speeds along the streets of downtown Milan. He's going to pick up a girl who is young and beautiful like him. Together they reach a building half hidden by vegetation, a secret place that looks like a country barn from the outside.

Inside there is an artist's studio. While she changes behind a screen, he changes from his work uniform to enter the role of the rebellious artist. The sweet and sensuous girl stretches out on a sofa while he paints her portrait with gestures full of energy and impetus; creativity seems to flow into his hands. The blue background of the painting is interrupted by large splashes of lime green. Then there is the girl, diaphanous and blonde, lying on an alabaster-colored sofa. He holds out his hand to her and pulls her towards him. Together they look at the painting that has freed the most secret and important part of a man. The last frame is, in fact, a close-up of his fragile yet strong face. In his determined, blue eyes one can perceive his awareness of his own creative destiny. A voice off-screen says "Feel Reflesso Blue Vibe, the new masculine fragrance by Trussardi," while the notes of the song fade out."

trussardi riflesso blue vibe


The new Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe fragrance will be available as a 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette from March 2019.

Source: Angelini Beauty press release

Sandra Raicevic Petrovic


Sandra Raičević Petrović

Fragrantica Executive Editor, Writer and Designer

[email protected]


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