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The truth about septum piercings

Speaking of low quality jewelry, there are specific kinds of septum rings to look for, and more than a few to beware of once your septum piercing is fully healed and you’re ready to switch things up from your original piercing.

Even though you might think surgical steel is safe, that’s actually something you need to avoid for long-term wear. “Surgical steel is not something that should be left in the body for long periods of time,” Minor cautioned in an interview with Hello Giggles. Instead, you want to look for implant-grade metals such as implant-grade stainless steel, biocompatible white gold, real gold, or titanium. You should avoid silver, brass, copper, and jewelry that’s plated or coated.

You also should be careful where you purchase your jewelry. “Don’t buy your jewelry for your septum on Etsy or any other online situation,” Minor continued. “Septum piercings are very finicky about the metal.” And remember, you get what you pay for, so don’t be stingy when it comes to the quality of your septum ring. 

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