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The 5 Most Hardworking Contour Kits for Rookies

January 18th, 2019

We are acutely aware of how difficult contouring is for any non-Kardashian/Jenner. Not only do most of us lack the skills, but we also do not have a 24/7 glam squad on call or the time for a 20-step contouring ritual. But if 2005 Kim Kardashian didn’t let that stop her from eventually achieving the role of kontour kween, neither should you.

In all seriousness, contouring only gets easier with practice. So if you’re a rookie, chances are you struggle quite a bit with your blenders every morning before work. Enter: the contour kit. While some pro-level kits might confuse newbies, a contour kit with clear instructions and versatile products can make contouring a piece of cake.

While those gorgeous trendy contour kits are tempting, choose options with basic pigments and highlighters. Long-stay contour sets with essential matte and shimmering palettes should be enough for a beginner to work with. Here are some of the most versatile and thrifty contouring kits for rookie contour enthusiasts.

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