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SterlingPro Glass 8-Cup French Press Reviewed

Elegant and able to brew 8, 4-ounce cups of coffee, this SterlingPro glass french press is an extremely affordable coffee and espresso maker that is easy to clean and easy to use. This is a no-frills model, so you won’t be buying a coffee maker with a timer or fancy settings. But, sometimes, simplicity brews the perfect cup of French press coffee.

Build Quality
Borosilicate glass is used for the carafe. A stainless steel base and enclosure keep the carafe in place. If you’re worried about plastic affecting your coffee’s taste, the only plastic piece is the top lip.

Design & Features
There aren’t many features, per say, aside from the fact that this model: Brews 8 cups of 4 ounce coffee and Uses a double screen system.

Being a manual coffee maker, there are no electrical parts or fancy timers. This means that there is less opportunity for this model to break, and it’s super easy to use.

SterlingPro French Press

The carafe uses a heat-resistant, borosilicate glass that ensures a pure coffee taste. The double screen system is a fan favorite because it traps in any excess coffee grinds. If you hate finding coffee grinds at the end of your cup of coffee, you won’t experience this with the SterlingPro French Press.

Maintenance & Cleaning
What’s the best thing about a manual coffee maker? It’s never hard to clean. Simply wait until the carafe is cool and clean it out with water and a sponge. Ideally, you’ll want to make sure that no soap enters the carafe to ensure the best flavor.

If soap is needed, thoroughly rinse and then run a full cycle, or two, with just water and no coffee. This will remove any “off” taste that you may experience.

As far as maintenance is concerned, you’ll only need to replace the metal screens. There are two extras provided. According to the manufacturer, with the two extra screens provided, you should be able to use this French press for years before needing to buy a replacement screen.

Durability & Longevity
Manual coffee machines will last for years. Simple cleaning and replacing the filter screens will allow you to use this model for years – maybe decades – if you never drop the carafe.

I do want to note that the carafe is delicate, so don’t put it in the dishwasher or bang it with a spin – it can crack.

Do you want a French press that’s affordable? Check out SterlingPro French Press!

– Sturdy design
– Large brewing capacity
– Double screen filtration

– Delicate carafe
The carafe can be a bit delicate, so you want to make sure that you don’t place it in the dishwasher or attempt to add sugar to the carafe and mix coffee in it. Some users have complained that the carafe has cracked due to a spoon hitting the inside too hard. However, this happens with a lot of French press models that are made from glass.

If you like French press coffee, you will like the pure – non-plastic – taste that the SterlingPro French Press produces. This model is extremely affordable as well!

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