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How eye color transformed how these celebrities look

Nina Dobrev is known for her dark hair and dark eyes, but she decided to switch things up a bit when she partnered with Alcon Air Optix, a line of colored contacts, in 2014. The star began to show off different eye colors, but her favorite appeared to be a light blue/green color that actually makes her look a little younger. 

And she’s definitely not afraid to try out new shades! In an interview with Teen Vogue, she said, “Today, I’ve worn four different shades of color contacts. What’s funny is it doesn’t seem like a big change.” She added that she was a little hesitant about trying them in the beginning, but added, “So I tried them out and they were really subtle. People can’t tell for the most part!” She said that she loves how they make a “bold statement” and that she can also use them to just “enhance a certain eye color,” adding, “it’s fun!” 

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