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Haircuts you’ll regret in 10 years

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” the wise Coco Chanel once said. She’s not wrong, of course, but Chanel never did reveal whether those women will come to regret their choice or not. Licensed hairstylist, dreadlock specialist, and top ten finalist on Superstar Hair ChallengeKaren Wallington, thinks they will.

“The big trend on Instagram is doing the ‘big chop,'” she told The List. “I’m not sure whether it’s for shock value or for the 30 seconds of fame but what I’m seeing are bad blunt cuts that have little to no shape.” Hair that is cut straight across and without layering actually makes the hair appear to be shorter in the back and longer in the front, according to the expert. “The longer hair in the front looks unflattering and drags the face down,” she explained. If you do happen to get one of these regrettable dos, Wallington recommends disguising the bluntness by adding in some texture and waves with styling tools. 

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