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Haircuts that will always make you look younger

“It’s not always about going shorter,” celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton told Today when speaking about hairstyles that can make women appear ten years younger. “But sometimes it’s the texture.” The hairstylist further explained, saying, “Texture changes as you get older and it can be aging — dry, frizzy texture.” Instead, the expert advised bringing back rich-looking locks for instant youthfulness. 

Celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton explained to Harper’s Bazaar that “natural movement always looks more youthful than stiff straight styles, and you start to lose it as you get older.” Thankfully, there’s no shortage of products on the market to help rework your hair’s texture. Serge Normant, celebrity hairstylist, also told the publication, “A volumizer is a great way for hair to appear fuller and thereby more youthful.”

In addition to fortifying your hair, Appleton recommends “a layered hair cut,” which, as you already know, is essentially the Fountain of Youth in haircut form.

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