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Haircuts you’ll be asking for in 2019

While many get the itch for a new hairstyle once the new year is on the horizon, there’s nothing that says you have to completely revolutionize your look each and every January. Even if you think there’s a chance you’ll want short hair at some point in the new year, there’s no denying that — at least in many parts of the country — it gets freaking cold in the winter. And yes, scarves are great for keeping you warm, but sometimes there’s nothing like letting your hair grow out in the colder months. However, this doesn’t mean you should completely neglect your hair during the season.

When speaking to The List, Sharon Ramcharitar, senior stylist at Vu Hair at the Peninsula Hotel in New York City, said, “To help transition into the new season, my clients may go two to three inches shorter, cutting off dead ends [and] leaving them with a beautifully one-layered haircut going into late winter.” Sometimes a simple refresh is all one needs.

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