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25 Questions to Ask Your Guy Best Friend Instead of Your Girl BFF

What else is your guy best friend there for if not to give you a guy’s opinion? Here are all the questions to ask your guy best friend.

Get the most out of him and learn all the burning questions to ask your guy best friend. That is what he is there for, right?

He is meant to be your sounding board, your confidant, and well, your friend, so use him as such. If you don’t, he is just going to waste!

Why you should ask your guy best friend questions

Okay, well, I am sort of joking about squeezing your guy best friend for information on the male psyche, but also I am sort of very serious.

Naturally, if this person is your best friend, you have already asked those questions. You know, what your biggest fear is, what your main goal in life is, how much he adores you, you know, all the regulars.

But, this feature is about those questions to ask your guy best friend that only he can answer. Only he knows you well enough to give you an honest and truthful opinion on certain things. And he can give you answers that your girl best friend just can’t.

Whether it is dating advice, insight into a guy’s mind, or opinions on your style, asking your guy best friend these questions gives you a point of view you may have never even considered. And if you actually listen to his answers, you could have a more well-rounded outlook on a lot of topics.

And not even Google can give you the kind of insight your guy best friend can. [Read: Questions to ask and deepen your bond with your best friend]

The perfect questions to ask your guy best friend

Your guy best friend may not ask you a lot of questions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask him a few, or a few hundred.

Now, don’t just sit him down and throw questions at him like you are on a game show, but next time you’re together don’t be afraid to toss one or two of these out to see what he thinks.

#1 Are you a feminist? This is something you can go years without knowing about someone by just avoiding the topic. Not only will this question give you the opening to a solid conversation, but it can give you insight into why he is or isn’t a feminist. [Read: Inspiring male feminist ideas from men around the world]

#2 What do you think my best quality is? Your gal pal can’t answer this question the same way a guy can. He can give you a whole new perspective. And I guarantee if you ask your girl best friend and then your guy best friend, this same question you will get totally different answers.

#3 What do you think my worst quality is?  Same goes for this one. If I ask my female friends this they will say I don’t believe in myself enough or take enough risks. But a guy notices different things than girls do. He might say I give unsolicited advice or hold my tongue when I should share how I feel. [Read: 5 unique traits that make a person trustworthy]

#4 Do I have any annoying habits? It sounds weird, but I love hearing a guy’s answer to this, especially a guy best friend. This person knows you pretty well and spends a decent amount of time with you, but probably doesn’t tell you when you are doing something annoying. It doesn’t mean you have to change, but it is interesting to see what he finds annoying.

It can be anything from biting your lip to tapping your foot, slurping your Starbucks too loud, or second-guessing yourself.

#5 What was your first impression of me? Another question that gives so much insight. Of course, you get to know someone after your first meeting, but you don’t often get to know what people first think of you. Sure, you are just friends, but his first impression may be similar to any other guy in the future. [Read: The importance of first impressions and the secrets to leave a great one]

#6 Why don’t guys text back right away? Girls have our own ideas about this, but a guy’s perspective changes the answer. We can overanalyze an unanswered text all day, but ask a guy and he will say it is because he is playing Fortnite.

#7 Why do guys ghost? Another interesting question, and even more interesting answer from a guy’s point of view. I have written an article about this, but every guy’s answer differs just a bit, and from my experience, this response can go one of two ways.

He will either try to make an excuse or say there really is no reason. This can also let you know if he ghosts or not. And if he does, you can let him know how it feels being ghosted from a girl’s perspective, it might give him a new perspective.

#8 Should I kiss a guy on the first date? Everyone has their own opinion on this, and you do you, but his opinion may be intriguing. Once he gives you his reasoning for whatever his answer is, it could really change how you look at things.

#9 Do guys talk about the girls they like? Girls can talk about their crushes with each other all day. And that is not a stereotype, I am a girl, I know, we do it. But, do guys gossip about their latest dates and girls they like with each other?

Sure, every guy friend group is different, but asking your guy best friend if he and his friends do that will let you know more about who he is and even about your other mutual friends.

#10 What is the most attractive thing about me? Even though you are just platonic friends it is almost guaranteed that he has thought about you physically before. You probably have too. Without things getting weird, you can ask him this. His answer might surprise you. [Read: 14 platonic friendship rules to just be friends without the drama]

#11 What do you do to impress a girl you like? You know how you can’t tell if a guy is flirting with you or just being weird and awkward? Well, finding out how a guy’s mind works when he wants to impress a girl can help you in future situations when this confusion strikes.

#12 How do you decide when to make a move on someone? I always wonder why a guy leans in for a kiss without any signals or nods or signs. So, asking a guy is the best way to find out. He can clue you in on how a guy’s mind works in that moment. [Read: How to get any guy to kiss you when you want him to]

#13 What is the best way to approach a guy? Should you be timider and bump into him or should you strut up with killer confidence?

#14 What do you think your best physical trait is? This question can actually help him out too. It is always fun to see what someone thinks their best trait is. He may say his beard, but really you and everyone else knows it’s his smile.

#15 Do I come off as confident? Even the most confident people can second guess themselves. Especially ladies. We are conditioned to take a backseat to the men in our lives, apologize when we shouldn’t, and listen when we should be speaking. Even though we know this, it still happens.

See what he thinks. Does he think you come off as confident in yourself? [Read: How self respect affects the relationships you have]

#16 Do you regret anything? Do you wonder if your ex regrets ghosting you? Do you regret drunk texting your ex? Learning what other people regret not only can give you comfort but also clue you into how guys think about their mistakes. 

#17 When you’re upset, how do you show that? I love to ask guys this question because their answers all tend to be so different. Some guys play video games, while some sleep, others lash out, and some just go quiet. This can help you with your friendship, but also open your mind to how everyone deals with stress differently.

#18 What are you thinking about when you go into a first date? Dread, fear, barfing? When he goes into a first date, does he just think that the worst thing that could happen is they don’t get along and they go their separate ways or is he a nervous wreck? [Read: How to calm your first date anxiety]

#19 What makes you the most nervous? Meeting your girlfriend’s parents? A job interview? Your future? Money? Doing your taxes?

#20 Why do guys make their profile picture their car? This might just be a personal question from me to your guy best friend, but I am sure you have noticed this. It is so bizarre, and I do not get it at all. Are they showing off to other guys? What is it?

#21 Why don’t guys ever smile in selfies? Another one I am sure you have noticed, and we just need an answer. Smiling is so much more attractive in photos, no matter who you are, so why do guys try to do this weird James Dean glare?

#22 Do you think chivalry is dead? Sometimes it feels like it, but sometimes guys actually do really sweet things that we don’t even notice. We do tend to take some sweet gentlemanly things for granted. Does he think that old-fashioned style is gone or is he still one to open the door for a woman and give a pregnant lady his seat?

#23 What is the sweetest thing a girl has ever done for you? Knowing what a guy thinks is sweet can really clue you into the male psyche. Does he think it is sweet that someone camped out to get him tickets to his favorite concert or that they stayed up to make fresh muffins for his whole family when they first met?

#24 What is the first thing that attracts you to someone? Their eyes? Their smile? Their vibe? Knowing this can help you think about what you put at the forefront when meeting new people. [Read: Understanding interpersonal attraction and what attracts us to others]

#25 What have you always wondered about girls but never asked? I LOVE this question. Guys always want to know the most random and weird things about girls, yet they never just ask because they don’t want to be offensive, rude, or embarrass themselves. But let him know it is all on the table and see what he comes up with.

[Read: Insight into the truly platonic friendship]

Hopefully, these questions to ask your guy best friend will come in good use for you. Don’t forget, return the favor and offer to answer some of his questions too. I guarantee he has some.

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