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12 Hidden Signs of a One-Sided Relationship We All Choose to Ignore

When we’re in love, we want to do whatever we can to make our partner happy. But are you seeing the signs of a one-sided relationship?

Do you have a sick feeling in your stomach because you know you’re getting cheated out of a good deal? If you don’t see much effort from your partner, it could be you’re seeing the signs of a one-sided relationship. If you’re not 100%, look closely at the signs. They’ll help you see the light. [Read: How to spot selfish people and keep them from hurting you]

How to tell the signs of a one-sided relationship

Love can make us do crazy things. My first boyfriend, who I was madly in love with, I would do just about anything to make him happy. I loved him. Isn’t that what love is about? Well, young me thought so. Young me thought that sacrificing my own happiness for their happiness showed love.

But we all know how that ends—tragically. What happened? I set the stage for the relationship and the expectations of how much he had to invest. However, as time passed I started to realize that it wasn’t a fair relationship. I was going out of my way to provide him with love and attention while he sat there like a king. Is that love? [Read: 16 reasons why people find it so easy to take you for granted]

Love is a two-way street, so if you see these signs of a one-sided relationship, it’s time to make it right.

#1 They know very little about your life. Crazy, right? I mean you’re dating them, and they don’t seem to have the faintest idea of what’s happening in your life. They’ll tell you that they forgot to ask or that they’ve been too busy to inquire, or they’ll flip it on you and call you needy. But it is what it is and the fact is, they don’t care what’s happening to you. [Read: 12 signs you’re walking on eggshells in your love life]

#2 Your gestures aren’t reciprocated. Maybe you bought tickets to see their favorite sports team as a surprise or made them a romantic dinner at home. These gestures are a beautiful way to show that you care.

But when was the last time they did anything for you? Now when you think about it, they haven’t gone out of their way at all to show you that they care. That’s a red flag right there. [Read: Know the characteristics of a healthy relationship so you can end the shitty ones]

#3 You make all the plans. It doesn’t matter if your partner is new in town or naturally a horrible planner, the point is, they don’t lift a finger to make any effort in changing that. You’re the one who needs to make dinner reservations, you’re the one who always contacts them first. Sure, you love them, but you’re feeling like you’re a caretaker because they’re not doing much to keep this relationship going.

#4 Your partner isn’t there. One of the clearest signs of a one-sided relationship is just how they never seem to be around when you need them. The whole point of a relationship is to be there as someone’s support, someone’s right-hand. But they are always unavailable when you’re going through tough times or even happy times. They don’t listen to what you have to say and when you’re around them you feel lonely instead of complete. [Read: 15 revealing truths about why you feel alone in a relationship]

#5 Issues go untouched. Every relationship has their own problems, but if you love each other, you both work on fixing those issues. You may have talked to your partner, expressing your feelings about certain things that go on in the relationship, but they’re not putting in any effort to change their behavior and improve things. Instead, they find that you’re nagging and annoying rather than taking the issues seriously.

#6 Your friends and family have talked to you. They don’t like your partner. Now, everyone has their own personal reasons for disliking someone. But if your entire group of friends and family are shaking their heads at this relationship, there is probably a valid reason why.

If they’re telling you that they aren’t treating you with respect, well, it’s probably true. They’re seeing the relationship from an outside perspective, so they’re noticing things you aren’t seeing. [Read: 17 relationship red flags most people ignore]

#7 They pick their friends over you. And the crowd goes silent. Ah, yes, this is always an issue for people in one-sided relationships. Your partner gladly chooses their friends over you on any occasion.

Of course, it’s normal to spend time with your friends. However, your partner will ditch dinner plans, doesn’t invite you, and ignores you when you ask to spend time with them. This is because you’re not a priority, their friends are.

#8 It doesn’t feel right. At the end of the day, when you’re next to them in bed, it doesn’t feel like you’re in a happy and healthy relationship. You’ve seen happy couples and in comparison, you can’t say that your relationship is similar. If you feel it in your gut, it’s because your body is trying to tell you something. That something is “you can do better” and “please ditch their ass.” Emptiness isn’t a feeling you should be experiencing with your partner.

#9 You say sorry for everything. Even when, deep down you know that you didn’t do anything wrong. You say sorry just to keep the peace, but instead, you prevent them from taking responsibility for their actions. Your partner is the master of guilt-tripping, and they have no problem trying to make you feel bad. If you have to apologize for everything, that’s a sign of a bad relationship.

#10 You’re walking on eggshells. Okay, not in the literal sense, but you feel that everything you say or do will bring up a negative reaction. So, instead of feeling comfortable and yourself, you’re uptight and stressed, trying to make sure that you don’t anger your partner or start a small argument.

This negative behavior from your partner is because they’re not committed to you and are frustrated by dealing with your emotions.

#11 They don’t care about you. I know it’s harsh, but it’s really that simple. They don’t care about you at all. The sad thing, you’ve felt this before when you’re around them, but chose to ignore it. However, the feeling never goes away, it just floats in and out of your mind. They don’t care about you and that’s really all it is. So dump their ass because it’s not going to change. [Read: The best way to break up no matter the situation]

#12 You’re no longer happy. At the beginning of the relationship, everything was great. You loved spending time with your partner. But now, you’re no longer happy being by their side. This is a huge sign. First, the relationship is done. Second, the relationship isn’t healthy. If you’re not happy, move on. It’s that simple.

[Read: What steps do you need to take to tell your partner you are unhappy?]

After looking at these signs of a one-sided relationship, are you in one? If so, it’s time you did something about it.

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