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19 Unexpected Eye Color and Lipstick Combinations to Try

Images: Imaxtree

Peanut butter and jelly. A sharp jacket with skinny trousers. Netflix and an endless supply of chocolate. There are some things that are just better together. We may love them individually, but you combine them together and it’s pure bliss. It’s a philosophy that can be applied to some of the best beauty looks. Think about a cat eye plus red lipstick or a rich brown smoky eye with a neutral lip. As much as we love tried-and-true pairings, there’s something to be said about playing around with unexpected combinations.

There’s definitely a harmonious finish with coordinating eyes and lips, but monochromatic makeup can sometimes feel a bit one-note. When applied often enough, it can be easy to stay in that comfort zone and never consider contrasting color combinations. When we play around with different looks, it’s often during these creative makeup sessions that we discover that the most exciting pairings aren’t the most obvious ones.

Note: Experimenting with eyeshadow and lipstick combinations doesn’t mean having to buy new products. The greatest thing is using products already in your makeup bag in fresh new ways. For instance, pair a beloved lipstick with a seldom-used shade in an eyeshadow palette. Or try mixing a bold blue eyeshadow with an equally bold orange lip instead of your go-to nude. Go ahead, break all the rules.

Unsure where to begin? We’ve rounded up some head-turning eyeshadow and lipstick combinations from the runways inspire you.

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