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15 Texting Rules for Guys to Master the Art of Charm & Being Smooth

Texting is an art, an art that most guys struggle with. If you’re texting someone you want to date, then follow these texting rules for guys.

Communication these days is most often in the form of texting. When was the last time you spoke on the phone or called a girl you like? Exactly. We all know the answer to that. But are you familiar with the most important texting rules for guys?

Most people communicate by texting. Now, this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, but there are definitely some issues. If you’re texting your best friend, they already know you, but you’re texting someone you like. Someone you want to date. This means you may not know them very well.

I want you to land a date with this person, so I’m going to help you out and give you some helpful tips for texting. [Read: Texting your crush – a step by step guide to doing it right]

15 must-know texting rules for guys

Though everyone reacts differently to texts, these rules will help you keep everything relatively smooth up until the big date. You do want a date, right? Because in order to land yourself a date, your texting game needs to be on point.

Getting the number is the first step, but now you need to grow and maintain the relationship. So, let’s not waste any more time, these rules will help you out when you need them the most. No one said texting was easy. [Read: 10 no-fail ways to get a girl’s number every single time]

#1 There are no rules. Okay, there isn’t an official rulebook for texting. Technically, you can do and say whatever you want. But let’s be honest, there are unspoken rules when it comes to texting. These are the rules everyone knows but no one talks about. These rules were developed by instinct and trial and error. These rules help give you structure when you text. [Read: If you’re texting a girl, ignore these rules at your own peril]

#2 No dick pics. Oh, I know you may be thinking that a dick pic would be a great opener, but it’s not. Even if you met in a highly sexual circumstance, you still shouldn’t be sending anyone a dick pic. If she asks for one, fine. But if she doesn’t say to you, “I want you to send me a photo of your dick,” then don’t send one. [Read: Why men love sending dick pics to women]

#3 Understand everyone is different. When it comes to texting people, understand that everyone is different. Though some of your lines will work well on some people, other times it’ll be a miss. Some people can read sarcasm through a text and others can’t. So, before you go all out with jokes and lines, try to get a feel for the person you’re texting.

#4 Don’t sext them right away. Sexting should be saved for when you are both ready for that stage. If you just met this person last night, do not sext them. This person isn’t your partner; you don’t know them. Avoid sexting until you have established a relationship. Keep it classy until then. [Read: What to text a girl – The dos, don’ts and other secrets]

#5 Be mindful of the time. Unless this person is a long term booty call, there’s no reason why you would text someone at midnight. The time of the day matters when you’re texting someone you’re interested in. Texting late at night can give off the wrong vibes. Save your small talk for the late afternoon or morning.

#6 Keep the convo light. This is one of those texting rules for guys that can sour the mood in no time. If you just met this person, leave the political and religious debates for later. Right now, you’re just getting to know them. You don’t know this person well enough to have intense conversations. Pre-date texts should be light and focus on confirming the date. After meeting them, then you can have deeper conversations.

#7 Text properly. Listen, you’re not twelve years old. There’s no need to say “brb” or “ lmao.” Come on. If you want to impress this person, text them using actual words. You’ll be shocked at how important grammar is to many people.

#8 Don’t over text. Yes, you’re excited that to talk to this person, but sending out message after message is only going to freak them out. Keep your texts at a decent length. You don’t need to send them an essay. If that’s the case, then call them. A couple of sentences are enough to get your point across. [Read: She didn’t text back? 20 reasons why and what to do next]

#9 If they don’t reply, give them time. When people don’t reply on time, we assume they don’t like us. But that’s not necessarily the case. People are busy; they have their own lives. If they’re not replying in general, stop texting them. But it could be they read the text and forgot or were busy. So, give them some space.

#10 Use gifs… selectively. Gifs are a great way to lighten up a conversation and bring life to them. Should you use gifs and emojis? Absolutely. But every message doesn’t need to be attached to three gifs and a line of emojis. Be selective and don’t go overboard with them.

#11 Don’t text “hi.” If you’re going to text someone you like, don’t send them a one-worded text. What are they going to do with that? It’s dull, and honestly, it’s not very inspiring for the person receiving it. One of the most important texting rules for guys you should always remember is that your texts should have a purpose. Whether you want to chat about a specific movie that’s coming out or you want to see how their day is. If you have nothing to talk about, then don’t text. [Read: 18 casual things to text a girl and leave her addicted to you]

#12 Had a good date? Tell them. If you already had a date with this person, text them after and let them know you had a good time. By doing this, you’ll be able to see where they stand and if they’re interested in going on another date with you. If they are, great! If not, no problem. Now you can focus your attention on someone else.

#13 Watch your tone. You don’t know how the person on the other end is going to interpret your message. So, it’s important when texting someone to read it back in your head and see if it can be misinterpreted. Tone is everything when texting. Emojis can be used to help direct the tone as well.

#14 Know when to back off. Sometimes the person you’re texting isn’t feeling the conversation. But the mistake many people make is continuing to text or changing the subject. Sometimes it’s better to let the conversation die. If you’re sensing the person isn’t into talking, back off. Pushing the conversation forward will actually push the person further away from you. [Read: 6 basic rules of double texting and second texts all men should follow]

#15 Relax. Listen, you like this person, but that’s no reason to freak out every time they reply to your text. That being said, you also shouldn’t be spending hours trying to think of a reply. You’re stressing yourself out. What’s the point? Relax, take a deep breath, and everything will work out.

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If you want to date this girl, follow these texting rules for guys so it all goes smoothly.

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