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15 Common Household Items That Can Be Used Sexually for a Lot of Fun

Humans are resourceful creatures especially to satisfy sexual cravings. Creatively learn the common household items that can be used sexually.

We’re not throwing shade on sex toys here. Sometimes all you need to spice up your sexy time with the partner or solo can be found within the comforts of your home. Household items that can be used sexually also does wonders for those who are too broke or too shy. And you’ve grown tired of using hands alone.

Discover the sexual potential of the stuff one keeps in their drawers with the following list.

Things to remember before using a random object as a sex toy

Before you grab the nearest object and use it for sex, there are some things to remember to spare you from an embarrassing trip to the emergency room. Even if household objects can be used for a little bit of fun, care should be practiced to avoid any accidents or complications.

#1 Sterilize those objects before and after use. You wouldn’t want to jam a microbe-infested object inside your privates and risk infection. In the same manner, don’t use that same object for its original purpose after using it on your nether regions. Sterilization will help you enjoy playtime longer. Plus, it will prevent any accidents from occurring. [Read: 13 must-have sex toys for the naughty first timers]

#2 Inspect for sharp edges or parts that can break off. Don’t get too excited that you forget to inspect your improvised sex toy before use. If the household object has sharp edges that may cause wounds, forget using it for now. Household objects with brittle parts, on the other hand, pose a greater risk. They would need a trip to the emergency room in case a part breaks off and gets left  inside you.

#3 Avoid using glass objects. Bottles used to store perfume, cosmetics, food, and drinks may seem sturdy and fit for the task. You never know when it might break and injure you while being used. There are actual cases where people needed surgery to remove glass shards embedded inside their privates after using an improvised glass sex toy. [Read: How to have safe sex in every single way it is possible too]

#4 Use a condom over the object if possible. Now most people ignore this when the moment strikes. But using a condom over the household item before you use it can be the safest first move you can make before getting naughty by yourself.

Household items that can be used for sex

#1 Vegetables inside the fridge. Various vegetables inside your fridge, like cucumbers, carrots, and zucchinis are some simple items with great sex toy potential. Roll up a condom on one, apply a little lube, and you have an improvised dildo. Just make sure that you pick a fresh one to prevent it from breaking apart during use. Wash it thoroughly to prevent infections.

#2 Banana. What is a tasty snack and can also be used for sex? A banana. They are cheap with a nice firm texture and are curved liked an actual penis. The curve makes it a favorite of most daring ladies out there. “Serving” suggestion: wrap a towel soaked in hot water to warm it up a bit, apply a little bit of lube, and enjoy your fruity phallus.

#3 A hair brush. Use the bristly end to run it through your erogenous zones for a little tease while the handle can be used as a makeshift dildo to finish the job. A hair brush won’t just make your hair look great but also serve your other needs. [Read: Homemade dildos for when the moment strikes unexpectedly]

#4 Removable shower head. The removable shower head is a familiar fixture for women who love to have some fun while bathing. Turn the valve to maximum pressure and use the strong jet to stimulate the clitoris. Make things interesting by swirling the shower head a bit until you find the best spot. Works best when used with warm water.

#5 Electric toothbrush. It runs on batteries: check. It has removable parts: check. It can be used as a makeshift vibrator: triple check. Needless to say, an electric toothbrush isn’t only good for oral hygiene but also functions as an improvised sex toy. What’s better? A model that’s rechargeable and has multi-speed functions. Just don’t forget to clean it properly if you’re going to use it for its original purpose.

#6 Vibrating stuffed toys. Also a potential for a vibrator is your old battery-operated stuffed toy from childhood. That is if you’re not feeling too weird about humping and climaxing over an old memento of your childhood.

#7 Back massager. Fun fact: did you know that the Hitachi Magic Wand was originally used as a back massager? Then, one curious housewife tried it for a “different” kind of massage. The rest, as most would say, is history. Back massagers come in many shapes and sizes. One thing you can’t deny is their potential as a sex toy.

#8 Candles. Don’t know what to do with those ornamental candles lying around? Pick a size that suits you best, pat it clean, and use it as an improvised dildo. Candles prove to be a better option over other phallic household objects. They naturally glide across the skin and are sturdy with a more natural feel. [Read: 15 lubricants hiding in your kitchen]

#9 Face scrubber/exfoliating machine. A relatively new facial care accessory, it features an electronic motor grip with a spinning mount where you attach different kinds of heads. As an improvised sex toy, it in handy as a clit massager. Just don’t forget to replace the head with a clit-friendly attachment to avoid scraping your fun parts.

#10 A face towel. A fine-textured face towel can also be repurposed as a masturbatory aid by using it to massage and stimulate the clitoris. For a better experience, soak it in warm water for a few minutes, wring it dry and wrap it around your hand like a mitten.

#11 A frozen sausage. Why frozen? Well, a room temperature sausage may not be that firm to stand the all the action of acting as a dildo. In addition, non-frozen sausages may break or ooze out some of those meaty juices into your privates. With that in mind, make sure you use a condom and avoid using spicy sausages for your own safety.

#12 Clothespins. Whatever material it’s made of, those clothes pins you have lying on your laundry can be re-used as nipple clamps for some BDSM playtime. For added kink, attach strings on both ends of the pins to make an improvised nipple leash for your partner.

#13 Plastic cosmetic bottles. Some cosmetic bottles come in unique shapes, giving them great potential as a dildo. Pick one with your preferred size and shape, and lube it up a bit. Now have some sexy fun while saving the environment at the same time by a little recycling.

#14 String bead decorations. Ever wondered what to do with those string bead decor that went out of style a few decades ago? With a little adjustment, re-use those for sexual purposes as improvised anal beads. Adjust according to your preferred length by cutting and securing the ends *you don’t want to leave a piece inside you*. [Read: The craziest and kinkiest sex stories on Reddit]

#15 Handheld baking mixer combo. Finally, an ingenious alternate use of your favorite baking implement. Simply, replace the rotating head with a vagina-friendly attachment such as a dildo or a cucumber. Lube up, stick it in, power it up, and lay back as you make your erotic torture fantasies come true.

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With a little creativity and some safety precautions, ordinary household items can be used sexually to make your sex life more interesting. They’re convenient and hide in plain sight, not to mention that they also save you some money.

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