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Why Being an Instagram Boyfriend Makes You Awesome and Not Whipped

The term Instagram boyfriend gets a bad rap and is actually quite an honorary role. An Instagram boyfriend isn’t about losing all self-respect or willpower.

So, what is an Instagram boyfriend? Well, he’s the guy behind his girlfriend’s Instagram photos or technically, behind the camera.

An Instagram boyfriend doesn’t actually have to be a guy or a boyfriend. It’s the person taking the photos for someone on Instagram. This person doesn’t just take a quick snap, but gets the angle, the lighting, and even directs poses.

To the untrained eye, that could look like someone who is whipped, but in reality, an Instagram boyfriend is supportive. This is such a popular thing nowadays, there is an Instagram page dedicated to posting Instagram boyfriends doing their “job” that has nearly 300,000 followers.

But, other than being a good partner that has your partner’s back in front and behind the camera, being an Instagram boyfriend is even more.

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What is an Instagram boyfriend?

Being an Instagram boyfriend is all about the dedication. It isn’t just about getting a  photo, but getting the right photo. It isn’t just about pleasing the person in front of the camera, but understanding why it matters to them and how much what you’re doing means to them.

An Instagram boyfriend goes above and beyond taking flattering shots. They get down low or up high to get the right angle. They consider the lighting and the background.

I know it sounds like a free photographer. However, it is all about the support.

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Why is being an Instagram boyfriend so awesome

Sure, it may sound like an Instagram boyfriend has no benefits, knowing that you’re supporting your partner. There are actually a lot of benefits to it.

Being an Instagram boyfriend and acknowledging that you actually get a lot out of it, not only helps you enjoy it more but helps you and your partner.

So, what are all these mysterious benefits of being an Instagram boyfriend?

#1 You’re improving your photography skills. Yes, I know. Everyone considers themselves a photographer nowadays, but you are actually getting practice. And you aren’t just taking selfies or photos of sunsets.

You get real experience finding the right angles and lighting. You can even work with editing apps to adjust tones and colors. I’m not saying you want to make a career out of it. However, for those that don’t have an Instagram boyfriend, they need to hire legitimate photographers. That could be you. [Read: The 10 signs your partner is supportive of your goals]

#2 You have go-to gift ideas. Even though there are hundreds of photos of your partner on Instagram, printing out your favorite and framing it will always be a meaningful gift.

You can even sneak the perfect shot into a shoot without them knowing. Turn your Instagramming skills into actual art in your home. Your partner probably won’t even expect it. Then, turn their photoshoot promoting a new line of jeans into a classic black and white shot to frame and admire for years to come.

#3 You know the latest trends. Whatever your partner’s Instagram is dedicated to, you will learn all about it. Restaurants, fashion, skincare, or exercise equipment all have their own communities.

By working with your partner, you’ll be first in line to experience all the latest in that industry. This can benefit you in so many ways. You can take a client to the coolest restaurant, buy your mom the latest style for Mother’s Day, or even get your brother a deal on the healthier meal kit.

#4 You get to be creative. Unless you already work in a creative space, this design and control is something with your own eye. You take something that could be considered superficial or shallow and turn it into art.

You can even use this time as your creative outlet. Have a theme, create an idea, tell a story through the photos. Workshop ideas. Then, talk to your partner about how you want to incorporate your own creativity into their page. [Read: How to show off your girlfriend on Instagram in a way she’ll love]

#5 Your patience will improve. Photography, especially for Instagram, is not a one and done thing. You can’t just snap a few shots and expect to be done. Getting the right shot takes patience and effort.

Be willing to move locations, wait for the right time of day for the perfect lighting, and maybe even wait in line at a popular photo location. Yes, it sounds boring, but practicing your patience when being an Instagram boyfriend can help you self-improve in all aspects of your life.

#6 Your partner will appreciate you even more. Going out of your way to help and support your partner will win you major points with them. By putting in this effort, your partner will see how dedicated you are to them.

This will most likely remind them to support you just as much in your own endeavors. It’ll help your relationship become more balanced. When you go out of your way to do things for each other, it shows how you want to make each other happy. [Read: Are you a giver or a taker? 15 signs to recognize takers in a relationship]

#7 You get photo credit. Whether you working on your own Instagram page or not, when your partner posts that photo you spent an hour working on, you’ll get photo credit.

This boosts your confidence when all the comments praising the photo come in. It can also lead followers to your page where you can take even more creative liberties with other subjects. [Read: The things you shouldn’t do on Instagram if you have a girlfriend]

#8 You know you’re being a solid and supportive partner. This is cheesy, but there is nothing like knowing that you are doing the best in your relationship. Supporting your partner in something that matters to them is so important.

It doesn’t just make your partner happy but also makes you feel proud and impressed. Being an Instagram boyfriend isn’t about being whipped. It is about being confident enough in your own skin to stand in a public place and take photos of your significant other without caring what anyone thinks.

Better yet, an Instagram boyfriend reminds you that you’re not ashamed to go above and beyond for the person you love.

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Being an Instagram boyfriend is about caring for your partner. Learn what it takes to support them through all their needs while working on bettering your relationship.

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