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Three Reasons Why You Should Wear Perfume

On a scale of one to ten, how vital is your perfume when you’re getting ready to go out? To some, a spray of perfume is a nice, but unnecessary, topping. Others feel positively naked without at least a spritz.

If you’ve been trying to decide whether you should add a few bottles of perfume to your beauty routine, here are three convincing reasons for it.

1. Perfume makes you confident

Recent research suggests that pheromones in your perfume may not be doing anything after all, but that doesn’t have much impact on how perfume can positively affect your love life.

So why do people have more romantic success when they’ve doused themselves with perfume? Perhaps believing that you’re wearing a love potion gives you a nice confidence boost, and it’s that extra confidence that’s really sexy! It’s a sexy, confidence-boosting self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

2. It makes you memorable

Our sense of smell is linked closely to memory, perhaps more so than any of our other senses. Researchers think that this could be because the part of your brain that processes smells is located very close to the part that processes memories. This is why a whiff of a familiar scent can easily bring back waves of memories– both good and bad.

So wear a signature scent, and you can bet that it’ll make people remember you!

3. It completes an outfit

Perfume isn’t like makeup or clothes– you can’t see a scent the way you can see the gleam of a perfectly-highlighted cheekbone, or the cling of a tailored evening gown. Perfume is all about how it makes you feel. To sell a perfume, perfumers sell an idea– they tell a story, which allows a perfume to conjure up a desired image that makes you feel a certain. A browse through Atelier Cologne’s amazing perfume inventory will show you just that.

I never go for a fancy dinner without a little spritz of Diptyque’s Volutes – it’s a sweet, smoky scent that’s sophisticated, glamorous, and just mysterious enough to make me feel perfectly dressed up and mysteriously glamourous myself.

What if you don’t want to wear perfume?

That’s okay too. Perfume isn’t for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin or who tend to get overwhelmed by strong scents.

You can always let your own natural scent do the talking! Even if you aren’t aware of it, humans are super in tune with the scents of potential partners. That hot guy smells amazing not just because of his pheromones, but because his immune system is different enough from yours– which means you two will make amazing, healthy babies. And you can smell that.

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