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The truth about lip blushing

If you’ve decided lip blushing is for you, you should begin by trying different neutral lip shades to see what looks best, then take a sample with you to show the aesthetician before the procedure. “The color we use is really up to the individual. We discuss what they want beforehand, and I create a custom color for them,” Drummond explains, who Glamour says is the best there is.

Once you’re in the chair, a numbing cream will be applied to the treatment areas on and around your mouth. Refinery29 says the cream can be applied several times, leading to a nearly painless treatment; and because since your lips are porous, Glamour says the anesthetic is pretty effective.

The procedure is straightforward; Glamour reports that the method is called pixelating, where a device applies small dots of color to line and shade. But Elle also says that because the procedure, which takes about 90 minutes, is still a tattoo, you can expect swelling and scabbing for up to a week afterwards. And when the scabs come, it is important to have them fall off naturally. The lips should be fully healed in four weeks.

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