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The best way to make eyeshadow pop without primer

The good news is when used as a primer, concealer maintains its imperfection-blurring power leaving your eyeshadow looking flawless. It’s ubiquitous across brands so if affordability is your jam, concealer should be your go-to primer alternative (via Shape).

Are you a minimalist who doesn’t want to use any additional products beyond your eyeshadow? Well, despite what many primer purists might say, you have options. Many cream based eyeshadows can act as a kind of two-in-one product. Revlon makes a super creamy and affordable shadow for under 10 bucks. But if you are saving by not purchasing an expensive primer, you might be able to afford a more pricey pigment. Laura Mercier has a great cream shadow (that’s still cheaper than buying a something else plus a primer) in stick form for under $30 (via Cosmopolitan).

Next time you want poppin’ eyeshadow without being constrained by traditional primer, look to one of these alternatives for help.

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