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The truth about blondes

If the title didn’t tip you off, the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes¬†suggested to viewers that men were particularly into light-haired ladies. We get it though. With Lorelei Lee played by the blonde Marilyn Monroe, even a die-hard brunette lover would swoon. While we’ve been told men love blondes, most of us have turned the other cheek, considering it just a stereotype. Who would have thought that science actually proved this expression to be true?

In a study conducted by The Journal of Social Psychology, 110 men were showed pictures of women with different hair colors and were asked to rate them on attractiveness, health, dating potential, and parenting ability. The findings proved that men viewed the women with light hair to be more attractive, have better health, and appear more youthful. The study also showed that men base complex relationship decisions on a woman’s appearance. So, yes, ladies! Guys are judging your looks to decide whether or not you are a good life partner. If you thought all the time spent visiting the salon to get that luscious light hue or shopping for the perfect outfit went unnoticed, you were wrong all along.

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