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The real difference between makeup brushes and sponges

Freda does have a preference when it comes to the best way to apply foundation and declared sponges should be your go-to: “The coverage is buildable, the end result is practically flawless, and the makeup will last you all day.” The best way to work your sponge? “You always want to get your sponge wet before using it to allow for even distribution,” she advised. That said, if you personally prefer using a brush for foundation, just avoid going overboard and painting your face with too many layers. leaving you with a caked-on look.

When should brushes be your top tool ? For the perfect smokey eye, of course! Actually, when it comes to most powder-based products, including blushes, setting powders, and highlighters, brushes work best because they give you more control over how much product you’re actually applying to your skin, per Sprinkle. 

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