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What is the COVID-19 fee on your hair salon bill?

While the COVID-19 surcharge will presumably only be temporary, and is probably only a few dollars, Forbes points out that you should do your research before booking your appointment, so you don’t go to pay, and find any nasty surprises in the form of an additional fee. As Moore told Yahoo Life, it works two ways, and business should be clear if they are going to introduce a fee. “I strongly urge businesses doing so, if they want to keep their customers coming back, to post an easily seen public notice to the fact —on entrances, menus, websites— they’ll be adding a ‘COVID-19’ temporary surcharge to the bill. Always being upfront with consumers on charges, including surcharges, is just good, honest business.” 

But ultimately, If you don’t agree with the surcharge, you’ll have to look for a salon that isn’t adding it to your bill. Just be sure the establishment is safe.

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