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The Most Obvious Thirst Trap Signs that Scream “I Want Attention”

Social media has brought us many things, but the thirst trap is an unwelcome one! So, what are the biggest thirst traps signs to watch out for?

While social media has brought us many things, most positive, but a few negative, like the thirst trap. But do you know the biggest thirst trap signs?

Feeling thirsty?

I’m not talking about a dry mouth and the need to grab a gulp of water. I’m actually talking about something else entirely.

What is a thirst trap?

A thirst trap is a tactic most of us use without really thinking about it on occasion. Usually, our intentions aren’t that thirsty. But put simply, the thirst trap is posting a photo onto social media, usually Instagram, which involves a pout, a little flesh, and a suggestive look into the camera.

Perhaps you’re looking good and you know it, and you feel like showing off. Go for it, I say! However, if you constantly post thirsty pics because you feel the need to read appreciative comments, stop and think about your motivation. [Read: What is a thirst trap? And how to know if you’re revealing your low self esteem]

For most, we’re not attempting to trap anyone with our slight thirstiness. We’re just appreciating the fact we’re feeling good at that particular time. For others, their thirstiness is akin to being in the middle of the desert with zero water in sight.

Some people post these types of snaps with the intention of showing off their “sex appeal” and getting as many likes and comments as possible. It’s usually done to catch the fancy of a few people they’re trying to seduce, or more often, to get the attention of just about anyone who comes across the photo. The reason? It makes them feel good, and they rely upon this feel good hit to get by.

Don’t fall into the trap! The 9 common thirst trap signs you need to be aware of

Hopefully, you’re not using thirst traps for the same reason, but it could be that you’re about to fall into one without really understanding the motivation behind it. So, what are the biggest thirst trap signs to watch for?

#1 Everything is totally physical. If this is a person you’re following or friends with, it’s unlikely that they’ll post about the great day out they had with friends or the amazing meal they just ate. They’re far more likely to post about something purely physical. Be it a constant stream of slightly revealing photos, or a suggestive comment designed to grab attention.

Let’s be honest, we all want a little harmless flirtatious fun from time to time, but reading constant suggestive remarks really does get a little boring, right? [Read: How to be comfortable with yourself: A guide to not giving a f*ck]

#2 Everything is suggestive. Everything is done in a suggestive manner. The way they drink from a bottle, how they hold their knife and fork, the way they eat, the way they pout; everything is done with an alternative thought in mind. You can see it with just one glance.

#3 A constant stream of random people like and comment. If you check the likes and comments on the thirsty pic, you’ll see that they’re totally random. The comments are usually equally as suggestive. Basically, the thirst trap has worked. [Read: 16 ways to build self-confidence and realize your worth]

#4 The position is always revealing and you can always see an abundance of flesh. While possible to take a thirsty snap with just a “come hither” look, it’s far more likely to feature flesh. There will be just enough naked flesh to make you think they’re going too far. The position is also likely to be something akin to a rather naughty Cirque du Soleil.

#5 Are they squinting? Oh no, it’s supposed to be sexy. The look on their face, especially their eyes, makes them look like they’re attempting to seduce you from the screen. You might think they look like they need an eye test. The intention is flirtatious, bedroom eyes. It’s also likely to be accompanied by a pout which would make a very big-lipped fish jealous. [Read: How to master the sexy thirst trap without looking too thirsty]

#6 The pic is usually posted late at night. One of the biggest thirst trap signs is that the picture is posted late at night, usually after eight. The reason? Nobody feels thirsty first thing in the morning! This is also designed to get maximum likes, because this is when most people are scrolling through social media. Sneaky!

#7 You suspect heavy editing. You’d be right. No thirsty pic is left without heavy editing and filters. If you suspect a little Photoshop fun has been going on, it’s likely true. Snapchat filters are common with thirst traps, but it’s also likely to be waists nipped in a little, faces contoured, muscles made more bulging, etc. You get the idea, but none of it is based in reality.

#8 Do you even know this person? A common thirst trap sign is that you don’t actually know this person. It’s a random snap that has been shared or liked by a friend and then found its way onto your feed as a result. This is the aim: more people, more exposure, more likes, more comments.

#9 It’s not a photo you’d appreciate your partner taking and sharing. If you look at the photo and think “wow, I bet their partner isn’t pleased,” it’s likely a thirst trap sign, whether they actually have a partner or not.

If you think about how you’d feel if your partner took that same photo and shared it, and you don’t like the feeling, you know you’re on the brink of a thirst trap! [Read: How self-respect affects you and your relationships]

Do you need your thirst quenched? 

We’re all guilty of posting a sexy selfie on occasion, but it doesn’t make you an instigator of a thirst trap! This type of photo is an altogether more suggestive, “look at me” type of affair and intended to get attention which isn’t at all pure in thought.

Whenever I take a selfie, be it a pouting one or not, I’m not attempting to get random strangers to like it and tell me what they want to do to me. Seriously, the thought makes me shudder. I’m simply saying “hey, I feel good today and I want to shout about it.” I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s great if you feel good about how you look on occasion and want to tell everyone you’re confident and happy. The problem? You need it for validation. [Read: 10 signs of low self-esteem and 5 ways to increase it]

I post selfies because I know I look good at that time; sorry, but I do. Big headed or not, I do it because I’m feeling hot that particular day. I don’t do it all the time, and I don’t care if it gets ten likes or zero. However, if you’re shedding clothing and basically making love to your camera screen because you want randoms to think you’re hot, ask yourself why.

Sexiness comes from feeling good in yourself and not needing anyone else to tell you about it. Of course, it’s great when someone gives you a compliment, but wouldn’t you rather that compliment came from someone you know and care about? Wouldn’t you rather it was about something more than your ability to filter your appearance to the point where nobody would recognize you in a “missing” photo?

[Read: Instagrandstanding and how people use this to flirt online]

The biggest thirst traps signs are obvious. These photos scream “look at me, tell me I’m sexy.” Are you guilty of doing the same thing?

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