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The Beta Cuck: The Real Meaning & What It Means to Be a Sexual Cuck

Maybe someone’s called you a beta cuck, and you’re not sure what it means. Or you know what it means, but you’re wondering if it’s normal. Let’s find out.

When it comes to knowing the world of sex, we’ve created a list of things that are considered sexual norms. But in reality, sex isn’t something you can define and stuff into one box. Sex is extremely subjective. And that’s something you need to understand before we delve into what a beta cuck is.

Some couples don’t physically touch each other, yet, when they stare into each other’s eyes, they feel they’re having sex. Does that fit into the framework of “conventional sex?” Absolutely not! If anything, most people would struggle to accept that staring into someone’s eyes could be equated to sex.

But for that couple, it is sex. Some people wear gags and leashes, indulging in acts that some other people wouldn’t consider to be sex. So, what I’m trying to get at is sex is subjective.

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What is a beta cuck?

That was a sweet introduction to the world of sex, but now we’re going to get into the topic of beta cucks. Maybe you’ve been called this phrase in an insulting way, and you have no idea what it even means. But now that you’ve heard the term, you see more than ever.

Yet, you still don’t know what the hell it means. Of course, you probably Googled it, and that’s how you landed here. Well, when in doubt, Google it. I don’t want to just throw you a definition; I want to give you a deeper understanding of what a beta cuck is and means. [Read: The 11 most common sexual fetishes + 5 really weird ones]

The 101 complete guide to understand what a beta cuck really is

Here’s everything you need to know.

#1 What is a beta cuck? Okay, before I break it down, it’s important you know that it’s a compound word. So, both words have their own meanings, but when put together, a new meaning is born. So, ‘beta’ can be used in different situations, just like the word ‘cuck.’

#2 What does ‘beta’ mean? You may often hear about ‘alpha men,’ but you rarely hear ‘beta men.’ There’s this idea that ‘alpha’ men exist, and these men are considered ‘winners,’ whereas ‘beta’ men are a step lower than them. But, in essence, ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ men don’t exist. They were just used to give an unrealistic idea of what it means to be a man. Being an ‘alpha’ male means to be dominant, and a ‘beta’ is the opposite.

#3 What does ‘cuck’ mean? The word ‘cuck’ actually is a shortened version of ‘cuckold.’ And a cuckold is a man who’s married to an adulterous wife. Now, the wife isn’t cheating behind her husband’s back. A cuckold is a man who is turned on by watching his partner, whether it’s his wife or girlfriend, sleep with other men. So, a cuckold is a man who enjoys watching their partner sleep with other people. [Read: The cuckold fantasy – Everything you ever wanted to know about it]

#4 So what does a ‘beta cuck’ really mean then? When you take these two definitions and put them together, you have a beta cuck. It’s a non-alpha man who enjoys watching his partner have sex with other people. This labels men who enjoy being a cuck as being weak, insecure, and without a backbone.

#5 Being a cuck isn’t bad. I’m not going to include the word ‘beta’ when I describe someone who is turned on by being a cuck. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with you if this is what turns you on. Feeling pleasure by watching your partner have sex with someone else doesn’t make you less of a person. Of course, if it’s making you feel bad, then you should investigate those feelings and see where they’re coming from. [Read: Cuckqueens and their fetish to watch their man with another woman]

#6 The BDSM and swingers communities are full of cucks. You’re not the only one in the world that gets turned on by this. The BDSM and swingers communities are full of men who consider themselves cucks. Of course, if you’re a swinger, you need to feel comfortable watching your partner have sex with other people. And if you get turned on by it, it works out even better for you.

#7 Is there consent? Of course! You need to have consent from both parties for it to be considered not cheating. If your partner is sleeping with other people, and you don’t know about it, well, that’s cheating. But if you both agree to this arrangement, then it’s consensual, and it’s not cheating. [Read: The soft swap and how to ease your partner into swinging]

#8 ‘Cuck’ as an alt-right insult. Yes, you read that right. We live in weird times right now, but I think it’s pretty hilarious that the alt-right even figured out what a beta cuck is. The alt-right has been using ‘cuck’ as an insult, as they see it as a sign of weakness and passiveness. But this doesn’t mean you should be ashamed of what brings you pleasure. If anything, it exposes their own fears.

#9 There is nothing wrong with you. I want to really emphasize this: there is nothing wrong with you if you’re a cuck. People are trying to use that term in a negative way, but you cannot let them persuade you to see yourself as someone who’s weak and insecure. You know what you sexually prefer and what brings you pleasure. [Read: A couple’s guide to swapping partners with another couple]

#10 Cucks can be anyone. Many people assume that cucks are liberal white men, but that’s not the case. Anyone can be a cuck, regardless of race, religion, or political views. Your sexual preferences should not be politicized. Though we often see sexual preferences being tied to race or religion, it shouldn’t be.

#11 Get over the idea of ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ males. Listen, they don’t exist. And you trying to become an alpha male is stupid. You are who you are. There’s no evidence of ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ males, contrary to popular belief. Just because you’re not aggressive doesn’t mean you’re not man enough. Just focus on being who you are and staying true to yourself.

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Now you know everything there is to be a beta cuck. Listen, whether it’s something you’re into or not, it’s your own sexual preferences. If it makes you and your partner feel good, then it’s okay.

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