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Cute Relationship Goals All New Couples Need in Their Checklist

You’ve met the love of your life, and you’re ticking off cute relationship goals one by one. Life is good! But, what exactly are those goals?

You’re on the fast track road to coziness and total bliss, and you keep hearing about cute relationship goals and checklists all the time. But what are they, and how many more have you got left to achieve?

Every relationship is different, and we certainly shouldn’t focus too much on comparisons with other couples. So what if Sally and Mark from down the road have just got engaged and they’ve only been together six months, and you’ve been together four years?

There is no timeline to a relationship, and you certainly shouldn’t put pressure on yourselves, or feel lacking, because you’re not hitting the same so-called milestones as them! What you can do however, is look towards these cute relationship goals, to prove that you’re making progress at your own pace.

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For me, my first relationship goal with my guy was a total Netflix binge on a Sunday morning. It was bliss, and it made me feel like there was no world outside of our window. We didn’t move from the sofa other than to go to the bathroom and charge our phones, simply so we could order pizza to fuel our box set marathon!

Cute relationship goals you need in your life

Of course, everyone’s idea of the perfect cute relationship goals might be subtly different, but if you want an idea of what types of things we’re talking about, these are some cute relationship goals to work towards.

#1 Seeing the world with the one you love. We’re starting off big here, but heading to new places and seeing the world one destination at a time with the one you love is something very special indeed. You’re making memories, and you’re experiencing new things for the first time together. This will only strengthen your bond and of course, give you plenty of material for amazing Instagrammable photos to make everyone back home jealous!

It doesn’t have to be about far-flung destinations, it can be something as small as heading the next city for a weekend away. It’s basically about seeing somewhere new, but doing it together, as a couple. [Read: How soon is too soon to start traveling with your partner]

#2 Finally reaching that ‘take me as I am’ phase. Is there anything more wonderful than feeling 100% comfortable with a new beau? You can wear what you want, eat what you want, not wear make up, and it doesn’t matter, because you feel completely safe in the knowledge that they love you no matter what.

Whilst it might take a little time to actually reach this phase, and for me it took about 18 months, when you get there, it’s one of the best feelings you will have in your relationship. [Read: The 9 relationship stages all couples go through in their relationship timeline]

#3 A tender kiss on the forehead. Okay, we’ve done huge gestures and cute relationship goals like trips away, but it can be something as small and tender as a kiss on the forehead. A kiss here isn’t just a kiss, it’s certainly not a peck on the cheek, but it is a warm, tender, and gentle moment that whispers far more than you will know at the time. It says ‘I love you’, it says ‘you’re mine’, it says ‘I adore you’.

If your sweetheart starts kissing you on the forehead, it’s a great sign! [Read: What a forehead kiss actually means and why it’s so special to everyone]

#4 Passionate debates, and no offense taken. It’s a great feeling when you can debate on a particular subject, e.g. something going on in the news, and something you feel passionate about, and know that you’re not going to be judged on your views, and that nobody is going to take offense. When you reach that point in your relationship, you’re really hitting those cute relationship goals, because having the safe feeling of being able to talk about whatever you want is something money certainly can’t buy.

Of course, remember that this works both ways, and you have to be equally as respectful and accepting of your partner’s views too!

#5 Netflix binge. This is my personal favorite, and the one which put me and my guy on the route towards total loved up bliss. Sitting in your pajamas all day, or even in bed with the duvet for total coziness, hooked up to the TV or laptop, and Netflix on repeat, is the single best way to spend quality time together. You’re cuddling, you don’t have your phones for distraction, and who knows where it might lead in the heat of the moment?

Netflix and chill might be the dating equivalent of a suggestion of a hook up, but Netflix and lazy binge is my number 1 favorite! [Read: 15 romantic gestures in a new relationship new couples must learn]

#6 Hand holding for no reason whatsoever. If you notice that you’re walking down the street, sitting in the car, or generally lazing on the sofa and his hand works its way into yours, you’re hitting one of the best cute relationship goals around.

This shows gentleness, protectiveness, and it shows love. Of course, it could also show other guys around that you’re taken, but when that is done in a quiet and understated way such as this, surely that’s just as cute too?

#7 You’re the one your partner comes to when they’re upset. If you’re the one your new love comes to when they’re upset about something, you’re special. Most people don’t let their emotional guards down easily in general, and if you’re seeing your partner with their guard down, that is a tender moment that you need to handle carefully, but one you need to smile about on the inside because of what it means.

This is one of the cute relationship goals we’re talking about, and one which might be upsetting in terms of seeing your partner down, but the fact they trust you enough to reveal their emotional side is a positive sign for your relationship.

#8 Talking about your dreams and aspirations. Whilst making plans for the future might be scary to some, talking about dreams and aspirations is one of the best cute relationship goals you need on your list. When we talk about our dreams, we only do it with people we trust and care about.

We are opening ourselves up and trusting someone else not to laugh or ridicule what we have on our minds. It’s similar to the last goal we talked about, because you don’t tell everyone you meet your main aims and dreams in life!

If you and your lover are talking about the future, i.e. what you both want and need, and if you’re planning to do it together, you’re making steps towards actually achieving those things too. [Read: Relationship closeness inventory – 20 signs to test your intimacy]

How many cute relationship goals have you ticked off?

Remember, this is not a contest! There is no ticking clock telling you when you need to have achieved anything by, and you should always go at your own pace, i.e., go with that very confusing flow! But, looking at the list we’ve just talked about, how many have you ticked off so far? [Read: 13 relationship mistakes new couples make all the time]

If you’ve achieved any of them, you’ll know how wonderful it is to feel that close to someone, especially if you have real feelings for them. When someone opens up to you and shows you affection, it isn’t always done verbally, and it’s often a case of looking for the small clues, e.g. the kiss on the forehead, or the random handholding.

Make sure that you’re showing your new partner the same signs of affection too! It can be all too easy to look for it coming from the other person, but forget that relationships are a two way street. We need to be natural with our affection when we feel strongly about another person.

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Your partner might not be as acutely aware of these cute relationships goals as you are, but that doesn’t mean these goals won’t mean something to them! So express yourself without holding back, and your love will only get better!

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