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Snapchat Flirting: What It Really Is & How to Master the Flirt Game

With texting being the new talking, Snapchat flirting is the new emoji flirting. But how do you do it? Read on to learn how.

Snapchat flirting may be a few years old at this point, but if you are new to the idea of flirting via an app that is full of random filters, bitmojis, and disappearing messages, it can be a lot to untangle.

Figuring out Snapchat flirting is just like figuring out any other types of flirting. Remember when you would talk on the phone and tell the other person to hang up first? Then you would fall asleep texting each other. And now you send goofy photos to each other. Ahhh… technology.

What is Snapchat flirting?

Essentially Snapchat flirting is flirting using Snapchat. Instead of banking on your humor and cleverness, Snapchat provides you with some extra goodies to actually make flirting a bit easier.

But, with the extra filter here and voice change there, you have a lot of flirting styles to choose from, and that is where it comes down to you. Do you want to take the sexy route or go for something more sarcastic and playful? [Read: How to start a conversation on Snapchat and subtly flirt your way in]

Whatever you choose as your flirting method of choice, using Snapchat flirting is a great way to let technology guide you through the dating world.

Snapchat flirting dos

When Snapchat flirting is done right it can lead to wonderful things or flings. So take note of some of these tips to get the most out of your next flirting fest.

#1 Do keep it light. Snapchat is meant to be fun so, keep it that way. Making it too serious with love confessions or deep conversations will be a turnoff and can be taken the wrong way.

Snapchat is also great for short-lived conversations because messages and images disappear, so don’t send anything too important. Keep it light and fun. [Read: Follow these tips to charm absolutely everyone you meet]

#2 Do keep it short. But not too short. You can send a photo that will stay open for five seconds. 10 seconds is just too long and one or two is far too short. Whoever you’re flirting with won’t be able to banter with you if what you sent disappears too quickly.

Find the right balance of timing for your photos. [Read: How to get someone to like you immediately]

#3 Do be yourself. It is easy to hide behind filters on Snapchat. And although filters are great, be sure to maintain your personality. If you are sarcastic and nerdy, send stuff that matches who you are off of Snapchat.

Snapchat flirting may be fun and light, but the intent is to bring that flirting off your phone and into real life eventually, and you want that to match up.

#4 Do try a video. Videos are much more interactive than photos or disappearing messages. Take your Snapchat flirting to the next level with a quick little video. Lip sync your favorite song or show your pet doing something funny.

Just remember they may not have their volume on. I, myself, have messed up a good Snapchat flirting flow because my sound wasn’t on, and I missed a video. So maybe a warning first?

#5 Do use Bitmoji. Bitmoji is a fun way to add a bit of uniqueness to a Snapchat flirting session. You can create a cartoon of yourself. You can make it look exactly like you. Everything from the eye to the hair and even the clothes.

Then you can send these to your crush via messages or add them to a photo. Bitmoji provides you with some amazing animations, and if your crush also has it you can send little illustrations of you two all cartooned out and cute.

#6 Do be active on stories. It is unlikely you’ll be Snapchat flirting all day long. So your crush can keep you on their mind, update your story. You don’t have to update every hour, but about five posts a day is good.

You can even add something to your story that you know your crush is into like you watching their favorite TV show. This could get them to start the next Snapchat flirting session.

#7 Do be creative. Do not send the same photo over and over with you making the same face and using the same filter. There are new filters every day, so try them out. Snapchat is only temporary so there is no need to be embarrassed. That is the whole point of Snapchat, you want to have fun with it. [Read: Creative Tinder lines to help you snag a date on the first try]

Snapchat flirting don’ts

#1 Don’t overdo it. Balance messages and photos. If you are having a conversation that is more than a few cute flirty winks, keep it in the messages portion.

Also, don’t overdo it by double messaging. That may work when texting, but via Snapchat message, things can get confusing. Messages disappear and even send out of order on occasion, so wait for a response before you send something else.

#2 Don’t update your story too much. Staying active on your story is great so that you’ll be flirting with your crush indirectly. But don’t overdo it. No one wants to see what you are doing during every single second of the day.

Sure, post your delicious lunch, the long line at Target, and your cat cleaning its butt, but no one *especially your crush* needs to see you on the toilet. Also NEVER Snapchat and drive. Not only is this insanely dangerous, but it is also a turn off to anyone that sees driving as a responsibility.

#3 Don’t only use filters. I love filters as much as the next person. Having giant eyes and a little mouth or no nose or deer ears is wonderful. Who knew this is where the internet would take us?

But, keep it real too. Flirting is about mystery and humor, but you also want to make sure you are comfortable enough to send a filterless photo. If not, taking this flirting offline will be quite difficult. [Read: Sexy and sweet Snapchat ideas to keep it real]

#4 Don’t send nudes. Yes, I know that is practically what Snapchat was invented for. Disappearing photos screams the perfect opportunity to send nudes, but don’t. A cheeky snap of you with a lacey bra showing? Sure.

But keep it PG-13. Yes, whoever you are Snapchat flirting with will be embarrassed when you are notified that they grabbed a screenshot, but that won’t stop them from doing it. And once someone has an indelicate photo of you, they have it which can cause a lot of problems down the line. So keep it clean, folks.

#5 Don’t respond to every story. Watching their story is a great way for them to see that you are interested. And even being the first one to watch it can be endearing. But, with that being said, do not respond to each and every one of their snaps from their story.

This is what my aunt who doesn’t really understand Snapchat does. Yes, if your crush snapped that they are at Target, and you were just there too, sure say something. But if they posted a picture of their Starbucks, you don’t have to say “looks yummy.”

#6 Don’t send every snap you add to your story. This is one of the most annoying things you can do on Snapchat, flirting or not. If you posted something on your story, do not send it to whoever you are flirting with. They will see it when they watch your story.

If it is of vital importance they see it ASAP, okay, maybe. But that should be like a once a month thing. [Read: 9 social media sites to snag yourself a date]

#7 Don’t bulk message. Flirting does not mean commitment, so you may very well be Snapchat flirting with more than one person at a time. No judgment, you do you.

But even though sending a snap to multiple people doesn’t let them see the recipient, sending a message to multiple people does. So be careful. Try to keep each conversation completely separate.

[Read: The best ways to find what you’re looking for on social media]

Snapchat flirting is not brain surgery. Although it may be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be scary. Use what Snapchat has to offer to make flirting even more fun.

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