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Shaving mistakes you never knew you were making

Disposable razors are often the cheapest you can buy and you really get your money’s worth if you use them for as long as possible, right? Maybe, but the damage you’re doing negates the pennies saved.

“Dull blades are more likely to cause razor bumps, irritation, nicks, and cuts,” Dr. Schlessinger explained to Women’s HealthAs if that weren’t bad enough, Dr. Schlessinger also said old blades can be home to bacteria. And with bacteria, it may not be long before infection starts to follow.

“A good rule of thumb is if you feel like it’s tugging at your hair or skin, toss it — it’s most definitely a ticking time bomb waiting to irritate,” Dr. Engelman added. Even if you feel like your disposable razor could hang in a little longer, you should probably aim to toss it after a week. Yes, a week. Any more than that and you’re really flirting with disaster. 

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