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No Broken Hearts This Time: 13 Signs Your Relationship Will Last

Scared of a broken heart or worried you’ll end up wasting your time with someone? You need to understand these signs your relationship will last.

No one wants a broken heart. So, if you’re wondering whether your relationship is going to work out or not, well, there are some important and crucial signs your relationship will last to pay attention to.

The clearest and biggest signs your relationship will last

Let me just start from the beginning and say the entire dating game sucks. You go through all these dates and back and forth conversations just to find someone that you could potentially be with. After all that hassle, you enter the relationship world.

Now, most of us thought it would be easy once we made it there, but it’s not. I wish I could tell you it’s a walk in the park. Honestly, I think it’s harder than dating. This is the time where you see if this person is the one. The one you’re going to maybe marry and have children with. [Read: The most obvious signs you’ve found your soulmate]

While you’re in the relationship, you’re going to be asking yourself a lot of questions. You’ll wonder if this is the right person for you. If you think they are the right person for you, then you start wondering if the relationship is going to last or if you’re going to go through the painful phase of breaking up.

No one wants to go through that and that’s why we’re so careful with who we end up with. But there are signs your relationship will last, you know.

#1 They’re the first person you talk to. When something happens, whether it’s good or bad, your partner is the first person you talk to. You’re not calling all your friends first. You make sure that your partner is the first one to know what’s going on. That’s why they’re your partner, right? [Read: 10 ways to know if your relationship is worth keeping]

#2 You don’t worry about saying what’s on your mind. If you’re not able to speak your mind honestly in front of your partner, the relationship won’t last.

A healthy relationship means that you’re able to be yourself around your partner and vice versa. If not, then what’s the point? No one wants to be in the dating phase of the relationship forever. [Read: The 9 relationship stages all couples go through]

#3 Your partner doesn’t let you give up. When you’re feeling low, your partner needs to be there to push you forward. We all have those times when we’re not feeling like we’re getting anywhere with our goals, this is just a part of life. But a real partner will make sure that they’re supporting you while you’re down.

#4 You both invest spending time together. Couples that fail are couples that don’t spend enough time together. Okay, sometimes you need your own personal space, I get that. But if you want a successful relationship, it takes time and effort. Seeing your partner once a week isn’t enough. It’s all about the time. If you want to last, spend time together.

#5 You have flaws and your partner knows that. We all have flaws, so don’t worry. And trust me, your partner knows that they’re flawed as well. But that’s the great part, since we’re all flawed, we’re all equal. They accepted your flaws and have shown that they love you, and you’ve done the same. If a couple doesn’t recognize each other’s flaws, they’re doomed to fail.

#6 Your partner listens when you talk. A couple that will last is a couple that listens to each other when they speak. Yes, even when the conversation appears to be a little annoying or stupid, you listen to your partner.

They’re talking because they need to be heard and vice versa. Maybe there’s something on a deep level that they’re trying to tell you, something that you need to pay attention to. [Read: The characteristics to having a healthy relationship]

#7 You praise each other. Complimenting each other is extremely important when it comes to recognizing the signs your relationship will last. A couple that stays together compliments and praises each other on their accomplishments. Your partner should be your biggest fan and congratulating you and all your successes. Of course, this should be the other way around as well.

#8 Your partner helps you achieve your goals. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Yeah, that sounds a bit harsh, but I mean this in the nicest way possible. When you or your partner is trying to achieve a goal, they need their partner to help them along the way. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to do it with them, but emotional support can go a long way. [Read: Is your partner truly supportive? The signs you need to see]

#9 There’s no jealously when either person succeeds. Listen, we can all become jealous when someone around us succeeds, especially if we’re struggling with our own goals. But with your partner, there shouldn’t be a competition between who does what better. This is about love and connection, not about who’s winning. If you take your partner’s achievements as your own, you’ll last through anything.

#10 Your partner asks you for help. This is one of the biggest reasons why people are in relationships. You want someone that you can trust, someone that you can ask for help regardless of what it is. A couple that can ask each other for help is a couple that’ll be able to go through all obstacles while supporting each other.

#11 You have sex. They say that sex isn’t important, but let’s be honest, without sex, you’re essentially roommates *unless you’re asexual*. But, for people who are sexual and in a committed relationship, having sex is extremely important to keep a relationship together. [Read: Awkward signs you’re having bad sex with your lover]

#12 You’re always working on your relationship. Once you get into a relationship, it’s not just rainbows and butterflies from then on. You need to be constantly working on your relationship and putting in effort.

If a couple takes the time and effort to make sure that they’re pushing their relationship further, they’ll last. You know the saying, if you don’t use it, you lose it. [Read: This is how you can make your relationship work]

#13 You both know when to say sorry. It’s not easy admitting that you screwed up. If we could have it our way, we would avoid apologizing at all costs. But a healthy relationship is all about throwing your pride out of the window and admitting fault when needed.

It won’t make you look weak, it’ll make you look honest and responsible. If you and your partner can do this, you’ll last.

[Read: 12 very real signs of true, unending love in a relationship]

So, after looking through the signs a relationship will last, what do you think? Do you think your relationship will last? 

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