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Blunt Person Bestie: Why Blunt Friends Are a Big Boon in Disguise

Blunt people tend to get a bad reputation for being too harsh. But, as a blunt person myself, these are the reasons why you should appreciate them.

Being blunt can be both a blessing and a curse. How do I know this? Well, I am a blunt person.

But, what is a blunt person? It is someone who says what’s on their mind without considering the fallout of what they say. It can also be described as a straightforward person. It is essentially someone that says it like it is.

Why a blunt person is misunderstood

Being friends with a blunt person can be so beneficial to your life. But we will get further into that later. For now, let’s talk about why blunt people are so misunderstood.

I have been called cold, heartless, rude, and plenty of other less than nice terms because I tend to be a blunt person. And I get it. From the perspective of someone who may be sensitive or not used to people telling them they are wrong or putting them in their place, a blunt person can come across as harsh.

Being a blunt person is a risk. By saying exactly what you think without worrying about people’s initial reactions or feelings can push some people away or rub them the wrong way. But does that mean a blunt person is actually rude or harsh? [Read: How to be a good person and transform your world]

What is a blunt person’s intention?

Yes, some people are just plain rude. But many blunt people truly want to help and have the best intentions at heart. A blunt person tells you the truth because it often helps later.

A blunt person might tell you that you are making the wrong choices when it comes to dating. And that can come across as rude, but they just want you to be happy. Blunt people also tend to be lacking a bit of patience, so rather than letting you learn from your own mistakes or come to terms in your own time, a blunt person will spill the tea ASAP.

A blunt person’s true intentions are not to upset you or make you feel bad. They want you to face the truth now so you can be stronger later. They *or should I say we?* want you to hear what you need to hear rather than what you may want to hear. [Read: The qualities only a good friend possesses]

Why you should appreciate a blunt person

Now that you know where a blunt person is coming from, you may get it a little bit more, but you may not fully get why it is so beneficial to have a blunt person in your life.

We all love the friend that tells us we look great in every outfit, and that we are definitely making the right career move by opening an Etsy shop to sell homemade jewelry. Boosting our confidence and nodding along with whatever we say is what a good friend does.

But what a great friend also does is make you face your problems head-on. They make you question things and challenge yourself. They inspire and support you, but also make you deal with the facts. And that is what a blunt person does. They care less if you are mad at them and care more about your happiness.

#1 They will always be honest. You may think all friends or at least all good friends are honest. But that isn’t always the case. A blunt person, however, will always be honest even brutally so if need be.

If you are dating someone who is clearly lying to you or disrespecting you, your blunt friend will tell you the flat-out truth. They have no problem being the bearer of bad news, if it is news you need to hear. [Read: How to recognize and end toxic relationships]

#2 They won’t let you dwell. After a breakup, letting it all out is good. Cry, eat ice cream, watch romcoms, but when the time comes you need to get up and move on.

A blunt person won’t let you dwell in sadness. They will make sure you stay busy and tell how much you deserve better. [Read: Good friends are like stars – 18 ways to build lasting friendships]

#3 They will push you. A blunt person won’t just listen to your dreams, but they will push you to make them a reality. If you are hesitant to move for your dream job or take a risk for something you truly want, they will push you to be truly happy.

It is nice to have friends that listen and support you, but a blunt person in your life to give you that push you need is irreplaceable.

#4 They won’t let you settle. We have all taken a job where we were underpaid. We have all been in a relationship where we were underappreciated. But a blunt person won’t just sit around while you waste all you have to offer somewhere or with someone that isn’t good enough.

A blunt person will remind you of everything you are capable of. [Read: 15 qualities of a good friend that sets them apart]

#5 They challenge you. Some people love having friends that just let them be. They love being around people who are agreeable. But, sometimes, having a blunt person around can be exactly what you need. They get you to learn new things, try new things, and always keep getting better.

A blunt person will be the devil’s advocate and question you and really make you think hard about your decisions.

#6 They won’t say I told you so. Okay, okay, maybe this is just me. There are plenty of blunt people who say I told you so, but the blunt people that are decent human beings won’t.

They will tell you how it is, give you their perspective, and share all they can, but they also know how to step back and let you make up your own mind. And even if they turned out to be right, they won’t rub it in. They said their piece and support you no matter what. [Read: How to be a better listener in your relationships]

#7 They listen. A blunt person doesn’t just toss out advice at the drop of a hat. They don’t just spew advice at you until you obey. A blunt person likes to collect all the facts before offering a solution or opinion.

That is what makes a blunt person such a good listener. They won’t cut you off or talk over you. They will take everything you say into consideration before giving their full blunt response.

#8 They won’t accept nonsense. A blunt friend won’t accept nonsense from you or anyone else. If you are in denial about something, they won’t allow you to be. They will hit you with the truth, no matter how hard. If you lie to them, they will call you on it.

And what makes them so great is that they stand up for you. If someone lies to you, they will call them on it too.

#9 They advise. Some blunt people will be cruel by saying you look awful in an outfit or that your significant other is a waste of a human being. But many blunt people will offer advice.

They will say that outfit doesn’t do your body any justice, try it with a belt. And they might say your beau doesn’t treat you with the respect, you deserve to find someone who will. See the difference? [Read: 5 unique traits that make a person trustworthy]

#10 They won’t let you down. A blunt person has a lot of opinions and loves to share them. They have no problem spitting out their every thought. And they don’t really care if you’re a tad offended if what they said is helpful in the long run.

All it means is a blunt person is invested in you. They care. They wouldn’t put your friendship at risk to ensure your happiness, health, and safety if they didn’t. That is why a blunt person will never let you down. They will always be there to listen, advise, and tell you exactly what you need to hear, even if it is hard to swallow.

Remember blunt people tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

[Read: Really understanding what a friend actually is]

A blunt person is a lot of things. They can be harsh and pushy, but they are also supportive and inspiring. And having one in your life can actually turn out to be one of your biggest advantages.

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