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New Email Series – Baking Made Easy

Crispy chocolate chip cookies with a big CRUNCH when you bite into one! Melted butter, an egg yolk, a little milk and liquid sweetener are the secrets to the best crispy chocolate chip cookies! Recipe on

Let me introduce you to my new (free!) email series called Baking Made Easy. I actually launched this back in November and you may have heard me mention it or even saw a pop-up notification about it when visiting my site. Let’s chat about it.

What’s the Email Series About?

I’ve made 1,000 mistakes in the kitchen. And that was just yesterday. Baking is a science and I love sharing what I learn.

My 2019 goals for Sally’s Baking Addiction are to condense, concise, and update– make all my blog posts easier to read and easier to follow. With this in mind, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to combine some of my best baking recipes, tips, and tutorials into one place: an email course. This series includes some of my most popular posts (that I’ve re-written and condensed!!!!). You’ll receive 1 email per day for 5 days. After that, I’ll send you 1 email per week with additional popular recipes as I update them with recipe notes and easier instructions. Again, it’s completely free just like the content on my blog.

(Honestly there are no gimmicks or sponsorships or anything like that. I just wanted to bring attention to older blog posts as I update them!)

Is This For Me?

It’s a completely free series. All that’s happening is me showing up in your inbox! You don’t need to do anything– no homework– just read, learn, and get excited to apply some of the lessons in your own kitchen.

  • If you’re a new reader, this might be content you’ve never seen before
  • If you’re a beginner baker and want to learn some tried-and-true baking lessons
  • If you don’t feel like scrolling through hundreds of recipes, let me hand pick them for you!!

You can unsubscribe at any time. Seriously no hurt feelings! Whatevs!

Sign Up Here

If you’re a regular reader and want email notifications whenever I publish a new recipe or article, you can sign up for instant updates. Thank you so much for reading, following along, and baking my recipes. 2019 will be the sweetest year yet!!

Pictured: Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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