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Masculinity vs Femininity: Which Side Do You Think Is Stronger?

One of the world’s oldest arguments is masculinity vs femininity, and whether one is stronger than the other. What’s your take on the subject?

I’m about to delve into a subject which may incite strong emotions and opinions. My disclaimer? I’m on neither side, I’m simply here to explore masculinity vs femininity.

When you pit masculinity vs femininity against each other, which do you think comes out on top? Which do you consider to be stronger, or do you consider them to be equal, but stronger in different ways?

Equality is something we’ve been striving for over the last few decades, but we have to remember that masculinity doesn’t always belong to a man, and femininity doesn’t always belong to a woman. Anyone can be feminine, just as anyone can be masculine, and you can be both too!

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This argument isn’t about which gender is stronger *that is never going to be an argument worth debating*, but it is about which set of traits is perhaps bolder and therefore stronger than the other.

To start delving into this subject, we need to figure out what traits are attached to masculinity and which are attached to femininity.

The traits of masculinity explained

What is considered masculine in one culture might be taken completely different in another. For the purposes of this debate, let’s focus on western society, but be mindful of how other cultures may view the points made.

So, in western society, the traits of masculinity (not the traits of a man, but the traits of  masculine behavior) are:

– Courage

– Independence

– Resilience

– Physical and emotional strength

– Leadership

– Assertiveness

– Confidence, even bordering on arrogance

– A willingness to fight if required

– On a negative note – disregard for accountability and consequences

– On a positive note – the protector

A woman may exhibit masculine traits, such as the ones above, more than she exhibits the feminine ones we will highlight shortly. The same can be considered vice versa, with a man not really showing many of the masculine traits I’ve just mentioned, but showing more from the feminine traits list. This doesn’t define gender at all, it defines character and personality. [Read: How to awaken the masculine within yourself]

The traits of femininity explained

Now we know the main traits of the masculine side of the equation, what about feminine traits?

The main feminine traits are:

– Empathy

– Sensitivity


– Caring

– Compassionate

– Gentle

– Nurturing

– Tolerant

– Intuitive

– On the negative side – a tendency towards possible deference

– On the positive side – a quiet strength

By comparing those two lists of traits, you can see the differences. The masculine traits are designed to be strong, protective, and ‘in your face,’ but the feminine traits are more under the radar, mothering, and nurturing.

Can you show both? Absolutely, in fact most of us do! [Read: How to tap into the powerhouse of divine feminine energy]

Masculinity vs femininity: strength on both sides of the coin

The original question I asked was masculinity vs femininity, which is stronger? Now, from reading the traits and from what you already know of both types of personality, which do you think is stronger?

Think about your views for a second.

I personally think that neither is stronger, that both have their strengths and weaknesses, and someone can exhibit signs of masculinity and femininity within their character. I also think that someone could be masculine for a period of time, perhaps due to a mood or an even what has happened in their life. Then they can switch to a more feminine type of personality.

We are not born masculine or feminine, it is developed within us. This has nothing to do with your gender, whether you class yourself as male, female, non-binary, or anything else. It has everything to do with your character and the way you deal with situations, how you treat other people, and how you live your life.

So, which is stronger?

Both. Let me explain why.

Masculine strength is more physical in my opinion. Masculine energy is often exhibited via a show of physical or verbal strength. It is not afraid to play the typical old-fashioned view of how a man should behave. Of course, we have developed a lot since the Victorian times, and we now know that there is no set way of how a man should behave!

Masculine traits would be shown through a willingness towards physical violence in protection of someone they love. This isn’t because they want to fight, it’s because they want to stop something bad happening to a person who is special to them. This can equally be the case with threats and verbal language.

In terms of emotional strength, masculine energy doesn’t often talk about feelings, it’s more of a tendency to bottle things up and use them for something else, e.g. pouring it into work or maybe something physical, such as exercise.

Masculinity is strong in a traditional way, but that doesn’t mean that femininity isn’t strong in a different way.

Let’s explore the feminine side now.

I believe that femininity is equally as strong in terms of personality traits, but in a quieter way. Think of a strong feminine figure you have in your life, whether a man or a woman, but someone who shows strong feminine traits.They will stick up for you and fight for you tooth and nail, but they will not do it physically.

They will do it through support, understanding, being your rock, pushing you to go out and prove people wrong. It’s a different type of strength, an inner strength which doesn’t require a physical connection.

Feminine energy is also about doing anything for someone they love. Think of a mother’s love for their child. We’re not going towards gender here, but that’s a good example to think about. This love is unwavering, it never ends and it never disappears. Femininity is strong in its ability to overcome challenges but never waver. [Read: Why we should all embrace the sex positive feminism movement]

How can you show both masculinity and femininity at the same time?

Most of us do and don’t even realize we’re doing it.

Whichever traits you exhibit most of the time, it’s simply important to embrace them and own them. Some days you might feel more calm and gentle, showing feminine traits, and other days you might feel fired up, almost like you want to beat your chest in a show of power. That’s a masculine energy coming out.

We exhibit both because we are both. The times we show each type of energy depend upon what is going on around us, how we feel, and what we’re trying to achieve.

A man is not born masculine. A woman is not born feminine. There are many feminine men, just as there are many masculine women. As I’ve said a few times, gender isn’t in the equation here, it’s about how you are as a person, and the situations that cause you to act or feel in a certain way.

Which would you consider yourself to be predominantly? I think I lean more towards the feminine side, although there are times in my life when I look back and consider my actions to be quite masculine. I like the fact that my character allows me to embrace both sides of myself. While I would certainly consider myself a softer character, therefore more feminine in general, I can take hold of life by the balls and rock masculinity just like anyone else!

This is part and parcels of what makes us so complex and wonderful as human beings!

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If you want an answer to the masculinity vs femininity strength debate, you’re probably going to find countless views on the issue. The only view that really matters is your own.

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