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I Hate My Boyfriend: Why You Hate Him & 13 Ways to Get Him to End It

When you find yourself saying, “I hate my boyfriend” often, this could be an indicator that a relationship is over. Read this to know how to break up.

The minute you enter a relationship, you never assume that you’ll hear yourself say, I hate my boyfriend. You enter a relationship because you see the chance for love, the potential in him and that he makes you happy.

However, life can easily get in the way of this. Whether it’s because of resentment or unresolved issues, thinking I hate my boyfriend is never a good sign no matter how you see it.

Unfortunately, if you feel this way, you might also need to break it off with him. After all, why would you stay in a relationship with someone you hate – which is a very strong emotion.

Breaking up is never easy, but it might make things more bearable to make him break up with you instead.

Hold on! Do you really hate him?

We aren’t trying to be condescending or downplaying the bad qualities of your boyfriend. But do you really hate him? Do you hate him because you feel repulsed by him every second of every day? Or do you think you hate him right now because he’s let you down and you’re annoyed with him?

They’re both just not the same thing. In one scenario, you need to end things with him because there is no future with him.

On the other less-harmful one, you’re probably ranting and annoyed with him today. And you know full well that everything’s going to be just perfect between you two in a few hours. if it’s just a minor annoyance, take a look at these 19 annoying things boyfriends do and see if it’s something most guys do.

But if you’ve put up with his behavior for a long time, and can’t put up with his shit anymore, well, it’s time to give this a serious thought and read on.


Why do you keep thinking I hate my boyfriend?

Here’s the thing – you’re not a bad person for thinking this way. If anything, this makes you just as human as everyone else. It’s okay to think you hate him and feel like you can’t stand being around him.

After all, there’s just a thin line that separates love and hate, and it’s easy for one to become another. When you think I hate my boyfriend, this might have a lot to do with unresolved resentment.

Maybe you didn’t talk about your issues enough or maybe he doesn’t treat you right. You need to remember that love doesn’t turn into hate overnight though. It’s something that starts slowly and creeps in so deep that you probably don’t even know when your emotions switched from passion to disgust.

You don’t necessarily hate him just because he didn’t wash the dishes today or because his flaws bothered you more than usual. It takes a lot of built-up repressed emotions for you to conclude that you hate your boyfriend.

Should you end things with him?

If you think your issues are solvable, then by all means, don’t hesitate to repair what’s left of your relationship. The thoughts of I hate my boyfriend might be consuming you, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

However, if the hate is so consuming that you can’t even stand the thought of being around him, it’s best to end the relationship.

But have you ever experienced having to break up with a guy because you’re just not into him, he pisses you off all the freaking time, or you just don’t love him anymore? It’s hard, right? Do you ever wish he’ll just break up with you and spare you from anxiety and being the bad guy? If you’re saying, I hate my boyfriend, it is time for action!

Ah, but here’s the tricky part, isn’t it? You don’t really have any good reasons to break up with him! It might also make things easier to make him do the breaking up instead of the other way around.


How to get him to break up with you

If you’re having a hard time breaking up, and an even harder time staying in the relationship, get it all over and done with and make him think he’s the one who’s dumping you instead of the other way around.

You managed to face the truth and admit that you hate him – that’s a good first step. Use these steps to learn how to get him to dump you when the thoughts of I hate my boyfriend are all you can think of, 24/7!

Honestly, if you want to know the right way to break up with your boyfriend because you hate his guts and can’t stand him anymore, maybe the right thing to do is to have a real talk with him. But if you want to fantasize the worst ways to get him to break up with you, well, here’s everything you’ll ever need!

1. Put him on a pedestal

Or at least, make him believe so. Make it seem like you had a sudden revelation. And tell him you’re convinced he’s just way too good for you!

Even if you obviously don’t believe it, make him feel like he could do nothing wrong, and no matter how hard you try, your self-confidence just plummets to the floor every time you’re around him! Make him feel like he’s superior in the relationship and that you could never live up to what he deserves. Or at least, make him think that way.

Practice your lines as you tell him how much you don’t deserve him, that he deserves someone better, someone more sophisticated, more mature, more of everything you can never be.

Works best: for yuppie guys, older men, or guys who are generally overachievers and well-off in life.

2. Cold shoulder, cold turkey

The silent treatment always works wonders in getting someone to break up with you. After all, what other choice do you have when they aren’t talking to you?

Don’t respond to his text messages, calls, or social media messages—better yet, just turn off your phone. In other words, you’d be ghosting him. This is your best option, especially if you really want to avoid that difficult confrontation on why you’re giving him the silent treatment.

Maybe you fell off the face of the earth, maybe you moved across the country – he wouldn’t be able to tell.

Works best: if you have already established a communication and date routine, or if the guy is clingy and needy.

3. Ex-factor

This strategy takes a lot of time to work the right way. Nobody likes it when they talk about their ex, do they?

Mention a little bit about where your ex used to work, and gradually talk about all your other exes and how this or that reminded you of them. You can even compare him to your ex.

This strategy isn’t obviously for everyone as it can be a little harsh all for the sake of getting your boyfriend to dump you. However, if you’re all out of options and you can’t tolerate any more thoughts of I hate my boyfriend, you could go for this one.

Works best: for guys who are insecure about your successful, rich, handsome, long-term exes.

4. Name drop

While having sex, scream, “Yes, oh yes! Danny!” or mention some other guy’s name *like an ex or someone he knows from your office*.

Or, if he has a guy you know he’s jealous of, mention that name while you’re about to come. He’ll be blown out of his wits so much that he’ll really consider just bowing out. Bingo! *but he’s gonna really hate you for this!*

Works best: for practically all guys!

5. Forget looks

If you want to turn a guy off so much that he ends up breaking up with you, bring out the ugliest side of you. Forget about hygiene, be such a wierdo that he forgets why he’s dating you in the first place.

Don’t dress up or wear make-up, even when you’re going on a date with him. Bring out that uncaring, unsexy, unappetizing side of you.

You know, the side that always comes up when you’re alone and on your period and would rather be in your sweats eating ice cream and not taking a bath for days. Make him forget why he was ever attracted to you in the first place.

If you’re constantly thinking I hate my boyfriend, appearing unattractive is the best way to do get him to dump you. The bigger a slob you are, the faster he’ll run away from you.

Works best: for guys who are nitpicky, metrosexual, or superficial ones, or those who always compliment you on how pretty or sexy you are.

6. Forget special occasions

We all know how important remembering special occasions are in relationships, especially anniversaries, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day. What you need to do is forget all these occasions ever matter and don’t wish him.

Even if you’re aware of the occasion, forget to greet him in every single one. If he expects you to show up with him at his parents’ anniversary, tell him you totally forgot or just admit that you don’t want to come.

Make him feel like what he finds important is trivial for you. After all, who wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t value the things you do?

Works best: on guys who are big on holidays and family.

7. Make him jealous

Jealousy is never a good look on a man, especially because it hurts their ego and pride. If you want him to do the dumping, make him jealous.

Especially if you can no longer deal with hating your boyfriend, jealousy is your best strategy. You’d be surprised how easy it is to actually make a man jealous. Nothing hurts a man’s ego more than if you make him feel inferior in front of another man.

Out in a bar having drinks? Flirt with the bartender. In an exhibit? Cozy up with the artist. In the supermarket? Wink and smile sexily at every guy that looks at you. Literally any guy will do, especially if he’s really cute and tall.

Works best: for almost every guy, especially the clingy ones and even the over-confident ones too.

8. Go out with his best bud

You know what they say – the best way to frustrate someone is to go out with their best friend. Find out what you can about his best friend and when the time is right, catch the best friend alone and try getting frisky with him.

Try to get as close with him as possible and ask favors from him, if you want to be subtle. Ask him for favors, like if he can fix your plumbing, check out your car’s engine, accompany you shopping for gifts for your boyfriend – but end up flinging yourself on him.

Works best: because this is every guy’s worst nightmare. And the worst thing any girl can do!

9. Forget about sex

If there’s anything a man almost can’t live without, it’s sex. Every time he initiates, do your best to shut his attempts down. Tell him you’re tired or exhausted – and maintain that excuse consistently.

It’s no secret—men *and yes, women too* are highly sexual beings. They love to touch and be touched, kiss and be kissed.

If you really think I hate my boyfriend and want him to do the dumping, then don’t have sex with him. It’s as simple *and sometimes complicated* as that.

Use any excuse why you don’t want to have sex every time an opportunity comes. Maybe you’re too exhausted with work or maybe you’re just not in the mood.

Works best: if you used to always have sex or if he’s a very sexual person.

If you want to see how reverse psychology works, then do the exact opposite of what makes him happy. Nobody likes feeling suffocated by their partner so if you really want the easiest way to make him dump you, bring out your clingiest side.

Be super clingy. Be the type who’d text him every 30 minutes and have a nervous breakdown if he doesn’t reply within two minutes of your last text. Make him feel like you miss him so much that you can’t stand even just a few delayed replies.

Send him hundreds of I-love-you’s and suffocate him with your need for attention and time. Being extra clingy is not attractive in a man’s perspective, which is all the more reason to do it.

You can even try arguing with him every time he doesn’t reciprocate your clinginess or give you the time of the day.

11. Trash him

Sing and dance while sipping on your fruit smoothie and even if he thinks you’re hot shimmying all over the house, it all goes down when you spill your drink all over his computer, iPhone, game consoles, and collection of precious, precious Pokémon cards.

Especially if your boyfriend is a gamer, then this works even better for him. The majority of guys nowadays are such nerds for the technologies and gadgets they own.

If you can no longer stand your thoughts of I hate my boyfriend, then you can use this to your advantage.

Works best: for techie, geeky, gamer guys who spend hundreds of dollars on their gadgets and gizmos.

12. Make a scene

Nobody wants to be with someone who goes out of their way to make a scene and embarrass you. However, there’s no denying that it makes an effective strategy for getting him to dump you.

As we already know, men care a lot about their ego so when you manage to shatter it, then they’ll break up with you without even a second thought.

When you’re out for dinner, pretend you saw your boyfriend flirting with the waitress or another girl in the restaurant. If he denies it, slowly raise your voice until everyone starts to look. And that’s your cue.

Don’t be afraid to go all-out when making a scene. The more embarrassing, the better.

Works best: if you took acting lessons *or at least practiced in the mirror* and if he’s the silent, broody type of guy who doesn’t even like PDA.

13. Just say it

Lastly, the simplest way to get it done is to just say, “I hate my boyfriend.” There’s no getting around it when you say it straight to his face. Say you hate his guts and that his presence irritates you.

If he doesn’t believe you, say it again. You hate him. You hate how he just leaves his dirty clothes on the floor and not on the hamper, how he doesn’t open doors for you anymore, how he eyes other ladies like you’re not there, and how he just utterly annoys the living bejeezus out of you.

Say everything that you’ve been wanting to say about how you hate him and how it’s not something you can control.

Works best: for virtually every guy who you just learned to hate for being insensitive, callous pricks.

So, what do you do with your thoughts of I hate my boyfriend?

You can do a combo of two or three of the tips above at the same time. Go ahead. Act crazy. Remember that you’re not alone in feeling this way.

It doesn’t make you a bad person to feel something as intense as hate for your boyfriend. It might be overwhelming, but you never intended to feel this way.

In fact, this feeling might even astound you. However, if this feeling was caused by neglect or any action that made him mistreat you, then maybe he deserves everything that’s coming. After all, karma is a b*tch.

Also, you can always give him a cake that says, “I think we should see other people.” And then dump it on his face. In front of his buddies.

Before you make a graceful exit. THAT is always a good idea *especially if he cheated on you!*


Guys pull the same tricks on us all the time, so it’s fair game. Why should you go easy on him just because you’ve been so nice and understanding? If you can’t take any more thoughts of I hate my boyfriend, feel free to use any of these tips.

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