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Hybrid Workouts Are the Latest Fitness Craze

For decades, strength and cardio training were like church and state — they were kept separate and most often people were loyal to one or the other. With growing research pointing to the benefits of workout regimens that combine both, however, more and more people are designing their workout programs to include strength as well as cardio sessions. Hybrid workouts take this a step further by incorporating both at the same time.

Barry’s Bootcamp was a pioneer in the hybrid workout field. Its classes, which started in 1998, alternate strength training on the floor with cardio training on treadmills all in the same session. SoulCycle followed suit by melding cardio training with weight work, both performed while on stationary bikes. Now the market from Canada to New York to Israel to Russia is flooded with new ways to maximize time and efficiency by combining aerobic and strength components in fun and innovative ways. Many classes also work in agility, balance and flexibility training.

Here’s a look at all the standout hybrid workouts to motivate your next gym session.

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