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How to Tease a Woman: Fun Ways to Captivate Her Without Annoying Her

You may be teasing her, but do you know how to tease a woman the right way? If your dating life isn’t bringing you success, maybe it’s you and not her.

I hear guys talk about how they love teasing girls they like, thinking it turns women on. Though not entirely wrong, most men have no idea how to tease a woman the right way. They say they tease women, but is it really innocent teasing or full-on bullying? See what I mean?

Sometimes you don’t know where the line is, and that’s where the problems come into play. You may be attractive and have a beautiful smile, but if you’re teasing is on the degrading side, you won’t win over many chicks. If you don’t know how to tease a woman the right way, you’re missing out on a boatload of opportunities. I’m serious here!

Maybe you just got used to women calling you an asshole or a jerk. If you hear this word a little too often, it’s probably because you are. [Read: How to be a gentleman and win her over]

How to tease a woman: The art of doing it right

Oh, and I should mention, women never forget. We may tell you we’ve forgotten what you said to us, but we never forget. I’m saying this to drill it into your head how important it is to master the subtle art of knowing how to tease a woman.

I went on a date with this one guy and he actually said, “yeah, you’re a little chubby, but I like my girls with some meat.” If he was attempting to tease me, he failed miserably. I was hurt and offended. Naturally, I quickly grew to dislike him. See? He could have been the man of my dreams *he wasn’t*, but the point is, he could have had a chance.

Learn how to tease a woman, but the right way. And win her heart.

#1 Why does teasing work? Teasing is fun, what can I say. If you tease someone the right way, you come across as light-hearted and cheeky. Women like a challenge, as we all know. And teasing shows her that she’s going to need to be on her toes. Plus, it makes the atmosphere less serious and more about enjoying the company. [Read: How to tease her, make her laugh and fall for you]

#2 Test the waters. You may love to dive straight into things, but when it comes to teasing people, don’t be so fast. You don’t know this person. You don’t know her sense of humor, what things bother her, and where her boundaries are. So, before you tease her about her hair or outfit, stop and test the waters. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

#3 Stay away from her looks. You don’t know her that well. If you did, you’d be successfully teasing her. But you’re not. So, I’m going to assume you’re getting to know her. With that being said, stay away from topics that feel like an attack or judgment. This means don’t talk about her physical features, family, or fashion. [Read: 10 things men do on dates that annoy all women]

#4 Be expressive. If you’re going to tease her, make it obvious you’re teasing her. If not, you’ll come off as a jerk. When you’re teasing her make sure you smile, use gesticulations, and flirtatiously nudge her shoulder. Make sure your body language shows her you’re teasing her. Most of our communication is done non-verbally.

#5 Don’t jump to sex talk. I know teasing is a flirtatious move but don’t use it in a sexual manner right away. You need to build trust between you two before you start talking about sex. Plus, you don’t even know if she’s into you, if you use sexual innuendos too fast, she’ll think that’s all you want. [Read: How to subtly seduce a girl by teasing her right]

#6 Self-deprecation can work. But I advise you not to go too crazy with it. Of course, women like a light-hearted man who can laugh at himself. But if you’re always putting yourself down, it will come off as a red flag. Showing her your imperfections is good, just don’t overdo it.

#7 Did you just hit on me? Ah, yes, the class “did you just hit on me move.” The funny thing is it works pretty well. Most women don’t hit on men, so she’s going to be surprised when she hears it. But if she likes you, she’ll see the opportunity to tease and flirt with you back.

#8 Don’t put her down. It’s called teasing not put-me-in-therapy. If you’re teasing women but it’s not giving you success, make sure you’re not putting women down. You certainly won’t get her to fall for you, you’ll just end up in a situation with her disliking who she is. Don’t be that guy, no woman wants a man that’ll put her down. [Read: How to flirt with a woman and not turn her off]

#9 Challenge her. We all love a challenge, both men and women. Now, I’m not talking about challenging her to climb Mount Everest. I’m talking about fun, playful challenges. You can challenge her to a dance battle, arm wrestle, or thumb wars. It’s soft and sweet, and who says no to a challenge? I mean, come on. Challenges are the best!

#10 Have an actual conversation. When you’re teasing her, remember to talk to her. She’s a person, you know. The problem with many men is that they focus too much on teasing. The entire date or interaction ends up with her just being teased. That’s not fun. Keep the conversation flowing and tease her every now and then for a flirtatious atmosphere. [Read: 15 courteous ways to be a gentleman and keep a woman happy] 

#11 Timing is key. You don’t know her life story, but that’s why you’re dating her, so you can find out. If you’re teasing her, it has to be done at the right moment. If she just told you she had a bad day at work, don’t tease her. Instead, ask her what happened. You don’t always have to be cracking jokes. [Read: How to tease a girl over text and get her to flirt back with you]

#12 If you’re going to tease, focus on the positive. The problem with teasing is how we can easily get carried away with our words. If teasing her, make sure the teasing is done on a positive note and the topic is positive. If she’s confiding to you about something traumatic, don’t tease her about it.

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You know how to tease a woman now—congratulations! Not every man knows the truth, but you do. So, use these tips the next time you’re flirting with a woman.

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