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How to Recognize Emotionally Unstable People for Less Drama in Life

When meeting new people, look for signs of an emotionally unstable person. If you don’t keep an eye out for these signs, your life will be full of drama.

Listen, there have been times where I’ve been emotionally unstable. There are moments in life where you will struggle and be prone to outbursts and bouts of sadness.

Having an emotional period of your life is normal. We’re all going to experience hardships, but it’s different than being emotionally unstable. When someone is emotionally unstable, they’re constantly reacting to the extreme. Though there’s certainly never a dull moment, it shows this person is suffering from serious issues.

How to know someone is emotionally unstable

Emotional instability is usually a result of a personality disorder, but it can also occur if a person suffers from depression, trauma, or anxiety. The point is, emotional instability can be the tip of the iceberg of something much deeper and serious. If this is the case, they will need professional help. You’re not going to be able to handle them. [Read: The emotions you shouldn’t feel in a healthy relationship]

This doesn’t mean emotionally unstable people are bad, they’re not. However, being around someone who’s emotionally unstable isn’t easy. You’ll experience many difficulties, especially when you don’t understand why they’re behaving in a specific way.

By knowing the signs of emotional instability, you’ll be able to approach them in a different manner and point them in the right direction to seek professional help. Especially if they’re also struggling and unsure of what to do.

If you can spot the signs, you’re already one step ahead to get them the help and support they need. So, let’s not waste any more time. Here are the most obvious signs to look out for if someone is emotionally unstable.

#1 They’re unpredictable. When it comes to them, you have no idea how they’re going to react when you tell them good and bad news. Will they freak out? Will they be calm? They’re a wild card. If you receive a reaction which isn’t a normal expected reaction, this is a huge sign. For example, this could be if they laugh at an inappropriate setting or become angry over nothing. [Read: Critical signs that point out you’re in an unhealthy relationship]

#2 They make impulsive decisions. When someone is emotionally unstable, their actions are seen as impulsive. Because they’re acting off of emotions, they’re poor at problem-solving skills and struggle managing their emotions. Which, in turn, makes them look impulsive.

#3 They’re very moody. I’m not talking about being cranky when you’re hungry and then after eating, you’re in a better mood. These are extreme changes in mood. It’s like being on a roller coaster. They can become very angry or depressed over the smallest things. If this seems to happen frequently, it’s a sign of emotional instability and needs to be addressed. [Read: Are you stuck in an emotional roller coaster ride?]

#4 All their relationships are unstable. You’re not the only one who’s not understanding their behavior. It seems like they have unstable relationships in every aspect of their life. If they have short friendships which usually end in a dramatic episode, then they may not be emotionally stable.

#5 They’re not consistent. They have no flow or direction in their life. In general, they’re not put together. When it comes to their emotions, they’re not consistent. This is why they’re so unpredictable.

#6 They feel entitled. When someone is emotionally unstable, they feel the world must revolve around them and their needs. If you notice the extreme behavior matched with entitled statements, well, then they’re emotionally unstable. [Read: How to quickly spot narcissistic traits in a relationship]

#7 They can’t calm down. Once they’re upset, that’s it. They’re not going to process their feelings and move forward. Instead, they’re going to let those emotions build inside of them, and they will remain angry. When small obstacles get in their way, it’s an extreme reaction which can last for days. [Read: Understanding how people use emotional manipulation]

#8 What’s their family like? You may not be close enough to this person to find out, but if you do get to know about their family, that’s great. You can learn a lot about people by looking at their family. If their family is dramatic, then they may have developed these skills from them.

#9 They’re not empathetic. They have no problem getting angry when the situation involves them, but if it doesn’t then they don’t care. They’re not interested in hearing about your issues nor are they interested in showing support. If the conversation always drifts back to them, they’re emotionally unstable. [Read: How to tell if someone doesn’t have empathy and what you need to do]

#10 They can’t control their emotions. Most people are able to control their emotions. However, emotionally unstable people have trouble containing their emotions, thus, they lash out at the people around them. They also can’t manage their emotions, which means whatever they’re feeling in that moment will show. They’re not going to save it for later.

#11 They’ve been in an on and off relationship. They’ve been on and off with their partner for years and nothing has changed. Their partner has to walk on eggshells around them, making sure they do everything just to make them happy. Emotionally unstable people cannot maintain a romantic relationship in a healthy way. [Read: How toxic people can hurt and emotionally damage you]

#12 They don’t make mistakes. They do, but they’ll never admit it. Instead, they’ll point the finger to someone else and make excuses for their behavior. The world is against them, what they do has no relation to their life.

[Read: How to recognize and end toxic relationships]

When it comes to friends and potential partners, knowing the signs of someone who’s emotionally unstable will help you choose the right people to surround yourself with.

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