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How to Stop Being Shy around Your Crush and Get Their Full Attention

You’re crazy about your crush, but every time you talk to them, you stutter and get sweaty. It’s time to learn how to stop being shy around your crush.

So, if you ever want to have a chance with your crush, learn how to stop being shy around your crush and remove that boundary. Not sure how to do it? Well, good thing you’re here because I’m going to help you out.

How to stop being shy around your crush

When I think about my past crushes, it was brutal. I knew who I was as a person, but when I would get near them, I’d clam up and become someone I didn’t recognize. I was nervous, I would speak only when spoken to, and never really said what was on my mind. I was intimidated by them.

So, how can someone like you back when you can’t even be yourself around them? When you think about it, it’s actually crazy. For me, I never ended up with any of my crushes because I couldn’t connect with them. How could I if I was acting like someone else? [Read: How to be yourself–all the time]

This happens to a lot of us. You know, we put these crushes on a pedestal and then when we are around them, they’re like Hollywood celebrities to us. But they’re just people, people that you like. It’s time to show your crush who you really are. If you want to know how to stop being shy around your crush, here are 13 things you need to know.

#1 Are you naturally shy or is it low self-esteem? There’s a huge difference, one to pay attention to. Are you a naturally shy and introverted person or is this stemming from low self-esteem? This is something to consider because it can help explain your behavior. If this is low self-esteem, you don’t have the confidence in yourself to think that they’d like you and why you act shy. [Read: How to decipher between social anxiety and shyness]

#2 Work on your low self-esteem. Let’s focus on the reason you’re being shy is because of low self-esteem. If you want to ever have a chance of changing the relationship between you and your crush, focus on working on your self-esteem. Right now, you don’t think you’re good enough for this person and that’s why you struggle with speaking with them.

#3 Confidence is key. Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence go hand-in-hand. If you want to work on your self-esteem, you need to do things that increase the confidence you have in yourself.

Look at the areas that you’re not confident in and work on them. For example, if you don’t like your body, work on dressing in clothes that make you feel good. It’s all about the small changes that can greatly improve your confidence. [Read: Powerful changes to build up your confidence]

#4 Prepare yourself. Your self-esteem and confidence isn’t something that’s going to change overnight. So, while you’re working on that, prepare yourself ahead of time before speaking with your crush. If you’re naturally a shy person, this will work great as well. So, before you approach your crush, think about what you want to talk about especially in topics that interest you. [Read: What to talk about with your crush to keep them engaged and excited]

#5 Keep it simple. Now, don’t prepare a topic about metaphysics, this isn’t what you need. Keep your topics simple. Firstly, your goal is to talk to your crush without feeling overwhelmed and shy. Second, the more complex the topic is, the more likely you’ll freak out, stutter, and lose yourself in the topic. So, instead, keep the topics simple and relevant to the both of you.

#6 Don’t be afraid to show yourself off. This doesn’t mean you need to put on a one-person show. Though it’s typical that shy people avoid talking about their accomplishments and talents, this is because they don’t want to look like they’re bragging.

But let’s face it, most of our conversations are based on talking about ourselves. You have to show your crush that you’re proud of yourself, this will intrigue them and confidence is a huge turn on. [Read: How to talk to your crush and make them fall for you]

#7 Focus on acting natural. Let’s face it, when we’re around our crush, we’re not acting natural at all. But you won’t be able to move forward with your crush if you’re acting like someone you’re not. Look at how you react when you’re feeling uncomfortable. Do you stutter? Maybe you bite your nails. Avoid eye contact? Find out the signs and then work on them. [Read: How to be comfortable with yourself – A guide to not giving a f*ck]

#8 Push through your shyness. When you’re nervous, you physically react. Let’s say you’re scared of spiders, so when you encounter one, you avoid it. Now, this happens when you’re shy. You avoid what makes you feel nervous; however, you’ll have to push through it and not allow your shyness to overcome the situation.

#9 Take your time. You’re freaking out and I totally understand you, but rushing through a situation won’t make it go any better. You need to slow it down and take your time. Your crush may take some time in order to see your qualities, so, don’t think after one conversation that you lost the game. You didn’t, you just need to not put pressure on yourself.

#10 Text. If you want to know how to stop being shy around your crush, hide behind your phone screen, for starters. Yeah, texting can be used to calm yourself down around a person. By texting them, you’re showing your personality before talking to them. This false sense of security can really help you overcome your shyness and have you expressing yourself in a natural way. Plus, it allows you to flirt without having to be in front of them. [Read: 20 flirty ways to text your crush and get them interested]

#11 Get out of the comfort zone. You’re locked in your comfort zone like we all are, and it can be hard for people to get out of it. But if you don’t get out of it, you won’t be able to move forward. You’ll have endless crushes, so use each one of them to help you get out of your comfort zone. It’s the only way to conquer your shyness. [Read: How to play it cool and win over your crush]

#12 Take them off of the pedestal. The only reason we’re shy around our crushes is that we think that they’re more than us. We think they’re this god-like person, and this is why we’re so nervous around them. Okay, and it’s also the fact that we want them to like us.

But, by assuming that they’re someone super special, it only makes it harder to interact with them. They’re not celebrities, they’re your crush.

[Read: How to effortlessly steal the heart of your crush]

This isn’t going to be an easy thing to overcome, but it is possible. Stay focused and follow these tips if you want to learn how to stop being shy around your crush. You’ll see the difference, literally in no time!

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