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How to Sexually Arouse a Woman Mentally Without Making It Obvious

Learning how to sexually arouse a woman mentally doesn’t need to be a mystery. It’s time to find out the truth behind female arousal and learn what to do.

Every man wants to know how to sexually arouse a woman mentally. At least that’s what most guys tell me. They all want to know what makes a woman sexually tick.

As a woman, I thought it was pretty obvious, but I forget that men and women aren’t the same when it comes to sexuality. Women like to joke that turning on a man is as easy as turning on the kitchen stove.

But when it comes to women, most men say turning on a woman is like reading a manual. And you know what, I understand why they think that.

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How to sexually arouse a woman mentally

Unfortunately, men are just learning more about women since as a society we’ve become more open about the subject of sex. Thankfully, we’re no longer in the nineteenth century. Now you’re able to freely learn about sexuality and how to sexually arouse a woman mentally. Because the truth is there is a difference between men and women. By knowing the difference, you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

And isn’t the whole point of this to be a better lover? So, let’s learn about the ways to sexually arouse a woman mentally. Time to unravel the mystery.

#1 Understand women are different. But, we’re also not that different. Of course, we can become visually aroused when we see an attractive man, for example. But, when it comes to women, in general, we’re all different. Sexual arousal depends greatly on individuals learning styles. Some women need more physical touch, while others are more aroused by emotional foreplay. [Read: The common reasons why a woman make fake an orgasm]

#2 Turn on the mind. For most women, they become aroused by a trigger. That trigger could be a romantic moment or a kiss, that develops into arousal. So, focus on sexually arousing mentally first, because most women will not initiate sex out of thin air. It’s not that women are less sexual; it’s just that we function a bit differently.

#3 Take your time. If you want to know how to sexually arouse a woman mentally, take your time. I know you want to push through the steps, but take a step back and go slow.

To sexually arouse a woman, it’s going to take time. For guys, touching a breast or just kissing is enough to get turned on within seconds. But, for women, it’s a different story. Women want to be seduced. [Read: 15 non-sexual moves that really arouse women, anytime, anywhere]

#4 Never assume you know what she likes. If you want to turn her on, don’t act like you know what she likes. If she drops signs about how she likes being touched or kissed, the worst thing you can do is ignore her hints. She’s showing you the signs for you to follow, not for you to ignore them and just do what you think she’s into.

#5 Create an experience. If you want to mentally arouse a woman, create an experience that will arouse her. Maybe it’s a romantic setting or a deep conversation you have together. Like I said, women are turned on by triggers. Create a trigger that she will respond to positively. [Read: How to excite a girl mentally and make her horny]

#6 Relate to her. It’s about having a connection, and if you want to mentally arouse a woman, you need to relate to her. Intimacy is always better when there’s a connection between two people. Sure, there are times when being intimate with a complete stranger is arousing, but most of the time, women are looking for a connection. 

#7 Eye contact. Do you know what’s not sexually arousing? When a guy doesn’t look at you. It’s weird. It makes the red flags in our heads pop up. It doesn’t make us think of good things. So, if you don’t want to be labeled with red flags, then make some eye contact. Good eye contact establishes trust and helps people bond with one another. 

#8 Develop a rapport. Even a girl you just met for a one-night-stand has some rapport with you. If you both want to share a sexual experience together, you should have some rapport. You don’t need to know her middle name or what kind of dog she has, but get to know her. The more you know each other or feel that you know each other, the more comfortable you will both feel. [Read: The guide on how to respect women that every man should read]

#9 It’s all about foreplay. Yes. Foreplay is everything. This is the biggest part of intimacy, yet men often jump past this step. But this step is crucial, and you cannot skip this. Foreplay is when the woman becomes sexually aroused and basically is a warm-up for intimacy. She needs that time. [Read: How to tease a girl sexually and leave her thinking of you all day]

#10 Make her feel sexy. If you want to sexually arouse a woman, turn on her mind. You want to help her relax and make her feel comfortable around you. One way to do that is by making her feel sexy and letting her know that you think she’s sexy. Give her subtle compliments and react to her cues.

#11 Focus on erogenous zones. Everyone has erogenous zones. Of course, some zones are more sensitive than others depending on the person. So, explore a woman’s erogenous zones to find what really turns her on. Small caresses, touches, or kisses on her lower back, neck, or earlobes can really intensify the experience for her. [Read: 25 sex questions to ask a girl and leave her instantly wet]

#12 Harness sexual energy. If there’s sexual energy in the air, harness it. If everything is going well and she’s giving you strong hints that she wants you, then you need to harness that sexual energy and increase the tension between you. While you increase the tension, continue with foreplay, and watch the frustration grow. 

#13 Don’t rush into sex. Here’s the thing about arousal for women, take it slow. If you rush through foreplay, you won’t mentally arouse her. Of course, if she’s ripping your clothes off, then that’s something different. But if she’s going slow, follow her pace. She’ll let you know when she’s ready to move on. [Read: 14 clues to know when a girl is feeling horny and aroused]

#14 Don’t force it. If she’s not feeling the mood and not responding positively to your advances, then don’t push it. I know you’re feeling horny and you’re aroused by her, but it must be a two-way street. You cannot force sexual arousal to happen on her end. She either feels it or not. And if she doesn’t, backoff.

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So the mystery for how to sexually arouse a woman mentally has finally been unraveled. See? It’s not complicated. Pay attention to the right things.

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