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How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special with the Smallest Gestures

Your girlfriend wants to feel love and appreciation. And even though you do love her, sometimes you forget how to make your girlfriend feel special.

Learning how to make your girlfriend feel special is something guys have asked me about more than once. And it’s a good question. Many men know how they feel towards their girlfriends, but they have problems with showing love and appreciation. And I get it.

On TV, we see people buying their partners’ cars or houses. How can a normal guy live up to those standards? But that’s not how you show love and appreciation. Of course, your girlfriend would love a fancy car, but those big gifts really mean nothing at the end of the day.

How to make your girlfriend feel special

What people remember are those small acts that others did for them. I remember when I was having a bad day at work, my boyfriend had a home cooked dinner waiting for me when I came home. That was really touching and made me feel very special and loved. He knew that he needed to comfort me and end my day on a good note.

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Those are the actions that people remember. Not fancy gifts or expensive trips. So, if you want to make your girlfriend feel special, follow these tips because these little things show her you care.

#1 Send unexpected texts. We’re all addicted to our phones, so you might as well dedicate some of your screen time towards your partner. Send her out-of-the-blue text messages, reminding her that you’re thinking of her and that she means a lot to you. [Read: 13 things a boyfriend should do to prove his worth]

#2 Get off your phone. The one thing that made my boyfriend stand out among the rest, in the beginning, was that when we spent time together, he wasn’t on his phone. He wouldn’t check his Facebook or talk to his friends. He gave me his time, and that made me feel special. 

#3 Actively listen. We tend not to listen to each other when we’re talking. Instead, we’re waiting for our chance to reply. And this is the problem with people. But if you actively listen, it shows her that you care and you’re interested in what she has to say. [Read: 15 effortless small gestures that girls always notice and reciprocate]

#4 Remember the little things. When someone remembers the small things about us, it makes us feel special. So, by actively listening, you’ll come across some useful information that she’ll tell you during a conversation. She told you she loves animals, take her to a donkey sanctuary, for example. I’m not sure why I picked donkeys as the animal, but you get what I mean.

#5 Show affection. You don’t need to ram your tongue down her throat to show her that you like her. This isn’t what I’m trying to get at. Instead, show her other ways of affection, like hugging, holding hands, kissing her on the forehead. Sometimes these feel stronger than a french kiss. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to make you feel connected and loved] 

#6 Surprise her. You don’t need to surprise her with a new car or an expensive piece of jewelry, that’s not what I’m talking about. But, if you want to know how to make your girlfriend feel special, you can do little surprises that will show her how you feel. Plan a picnic for you two, surprise her with some movie tickets. These surprises don’t need to be big; the point is you thought about her.

#7 Show your romantic side. Everyone has a romantic side, don’t think you don’t have that in you. You do have it in you; the thing is you may not have exercised your romantic side yet. Now is the time! Take her out on a date, make something for her, go get a couples massage. Whatever is it, it just has to come from your heart. [Read: 23 foolproof relationship tips for men that’ll transform your love life]

#8 Show respect. If you want her to feel special and let her know that she’s someone you really value and care for, then show her respect. You chose to be with her, right? Since you chose her as your partner, then you should respect her. It’s such a basic need in a relationship, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t respect their partners.

#9 How well do you know her? We can spend years with someone and not even know who they are. This is really sad. If you want her to feel special, then you need to get to know her. That way, you’ll know what things to do that’ll make her feel good. If you don’t know her, then how can she ever feel special?

#10 It’s really all about the small things. Big events don’t happen very often in our lives. Instead, usually, our regular days are full of small moments. But those are the moments that matter. Going the extra mile doesn’t have to mean doing something big. It could mean cooking dinner after she had a bad day at work. [Read: Really sweet ways to show a girl how much you love her] 

#11 Show a little PDA. Of course, there’s a line when PDA becomes a little too much. You don’t need to dry hump her leg in public to show her you care. But little acts of PDA show her you’re proud to be next to her. Hold her hand, give her sweet kisses. They are not over the top, and will make her feel good.

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Almost always, when it comes to knowing how to make your girlfriend feel special in the simplest, yet deepest ways, it’s the smallest gestures that always outdo the big ones in the long term. Now, you just need to actually do them!

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