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How to Know a Narcissist is Finished With You: The Harsh Truth

Being with them is a nightmare. But it feels worse when they’re done using you. Here’s how to know a narcissist is finished with you and moved on.

When you fall in love with a narcissist, you don’t really know what’s going on. If you did, you wouldn’t have gone into a relationship with them. But they’ve managed to fool you, and slowly wrap you around their finger, making your life a living hell. Of course, now you have a dilemma; you’re in love with them. Do they still care about you? Or are they looking for a new narcissistic supply? You’re not sure where you stand, nor are you sure how to know a narcissist is finished with you.

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What are you going to do? Break up? Probably not. You’ll stick around, and maybe get the courage to move on once your patience runs out. And this isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Listen, we’ve all been in unhealthy situations, and they’re not easy to get out of especially when emotions are involved.

Learn to identify the narcissists around you

If you’ve identified your partner as a narcissist, then you’re one step closer to being ‘woke.’ Yes, you read that correctly. I said woke.

Now, you just need to believe in yourself and cut the cord between you and your partner. However, if they’re displaying the signs they’re finished with you and bored already, it looks like they’re doing the hard work for you.

If they’re a narcissist, they can’t hang around the same partner for too long; they need a change of scenery, a new victim. Lucky for you, it looks like they’ve grown tired of this routine and are ready to move. Shed a tear, but also count your blessings because you avoided the mental and emotional abuse from a narcissist.

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How to know a narcissist is finished with you

Are they done with you? Are they onto the next victim?

#1 They’re hunting for new meat. Sorry to my vegan readers, but this is spot on. If you’re wondering how to know a narcissist is finished with you, the clearest sign is that they’re already on the hunt for new meat. And they’ve been on the hunt for a while.

A narcissist will never get rid of their partner unless they have someone new in sight. They’re always texting, disappearing for hours on end; that’s them preparing their next victim. [Read: 16 ways a narcissist abuses you and uses you until you break]

#2 You see their true colors. Before, they were trying to put on a show, giving you a fake image of who they are. But now, they don’t give a shit. They’ve dropped the mask, and all you see is their ugly face. They’re showing their true colors because now they don’t need you. Why would they use up their energy on someone they don’t need?

#3 You feel the change. You know something is up. You can feel their behavior change towards you, and them distancing themselves. If your intuition is on high-alert, you’re not going crazy. These are your instincts telling you to wake up.

#4 They don’t answer your texts or calls. People get busy and reply after a couple of hours, that’s understandable. But if you’re wondering how to know a narcissist is finished with you, pay attention to whether or not they’ve started ignoring you.

Has your narcissistic partner or narcissistic friend stopped replying to your texts and calls? They only text or call you back if they need something from you, whether it’s sex, money, or an ego boost. We all know why; you’re not someone they need anymore. [Read: Why do narcissists ignore texts and do the selfish things they do]

#5 They’re cruel towards you without reason. You didn’t do anything wrong, and even if you did, their actions are inflated. They use common strategies to push you down. They’ll gaslight you, withhold information from you, do smear campaigns and spread harmful gossip about you to essentially try to ruin you as a person.

#6 They’re negative towards you. Before, they would flatter you with compliments, but now, you’re a burden to them. So, they let themselves go and point out your character flaws. You were once seen as smart, but now you’re cunning and hawkish. The traits you thought they liked about you are used against you. [Read: The narcissistic victim syndrome and how to find your way out of this mess]

#7 They didn’t formally break-up with you. Okay, so you’re probably having a hard time recognizing whether or not a narcissist is finished with you because they don’t end relationships in a traditional manner. They’re not going to tell you it’s over. They’ll just disappear and pop back up when their other plans didn’t work out.

#8 They don’t try to hoover. Usually, a narcissist will hoover over you, bombarding you with the promise of love and affection until you’re back into their web. But, when a narcissist is over you, they’re not going to hoover. This is a clear sign that you’re no longer of interest to them. [Read: What is hoovering? The games narcissists play to suck you in]

#9 You become a threat to them. Before, you were seen as a useful tool. But now your qualities and achievements are seen as a threat. If anything, you’re reminding them of their lack of success, and that can’t happen. This perceived threat is a sign they need to move on and find someone less than them.

#10 They’re extremely moody. One minute they’re calm and collected, the other minute they’re angry and bitter. And these extreme mood changes are caused by unrest in their souls. They’re deeply damaged individuals and are constantly fighting with themselves. And this moodiness is a sign they need to move on. [Read: Attention seeking behavior and why some people go looking for drama]

#11 They’ve updated themselves. One day they were wearing jeans and a t-shirt, the next day they’re coming in with a new haircut and suit. By revamping their image, they’re preparing themselves for the next person. You can’t look like a bum when trying to find someone new to torture.

#12 They’re not present. Before, you could talk to them and they’d be able to have a conversation with you. I mean, at least pretend to have one. But now they’re no longer present in any interaction with you. And if they are present, they’re speaking in a way to degrade and manipulate you.

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If you’ve been pulling out your hair, getting the courage to end the relationship, well, maybe you don’t have to. If you’ve been wondering how to know a narcissist is finished with you, and you see these signs, they’ve done the hard work for you by moving onto their next victim.

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