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How to Keep a Guy Interested Through Texts and Leave Him Obsessed

You like a guy and started texting him, but do you know how to keep a guy interested through texts? Here’s everything you need to keep him on his toes.

So, somehow, I don’t know how, but you and this guy you like exchanged numbers, and now you’re texting each other. Not bad, not bad at all. It’s a great start, and now you need to know how to keep a guy interested through texts.

Firstly, it seems like things are going well, but you’re scared of him losing interest. Well, if that’s the case, it’s a good sign you two should go on a date. How long have you two been texting each other? You can’t live your life via text message; the next step needs to happen. But in between now and your date, texting is all you have to keep things going; I get it.

I’m going to give you some tips to keep the conversation flowing so you can learn how to keep a guy interested through texts, but before we get there, there’s something you need to know. At the end of the day, if the guy really likes you, and you two text well with each other, he’ll stay interested.

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If he met someone else or isn’t that into you, he’ll slowly wander away. And that’s something completely out of your hands. You can’t make him like you or want to be with you; he’ll need to desire that on his own. But you can help yourself become a better texter and keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

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How to keep a guy interested through texts – A step-by-step guide that works!

If you want him to stay interested, try these tips.

#1 What’s the purpose of texting with this guy? What is your goal when texting this guy? Is it just to get to know him? Or do you want to go on a date? You should always keep this in mind because it’s easy to just text and text and text without anything ever happening. And then, you become pen pals.

#2 Don’t overthink your responses. You shouldn’t need to sit and think for hours about what you want to text back to a flirty text. Just write down what comes to your mind and send it. If not, you’re going to drive yourself crazy, and you don’t want that. Texting him should be fun, not a stressful experience. [Read: What to text a guy to get his attention – 25 texting examples that work]

#3 Read your texts out loud. The tone is very important when writing a text message, and since it’s a text, what you say can easily be misinterpreted. So, before sending a text message, read it out loud and see how it sounds. If you’re not sure, add an emoji to make it clear of what you’re trying to say.

#4 You can do more than ‘Hey.’ Yes, everyone can do better than just texting ‘Hey.’ If you don’t know what to say, then send a Gif or a meme. If not, bring up something you two were talking about before, or ask him a question. When someone sees a text that says, ‘hey’ it’s not exciting or captivating to read. [Read: 12 really cute ways to say hi in a text message and really stand out]

#5 Don’t overthink your response times. You don’t need to wait one hour to text him back. This is just ridiculous. Let me ask you something. Do you like him? Then just reply to his message when you want. Life is too short to sit and stare at the clock for the right moment. If you want to text back, then do it.

#6 You can let the conversation end. When we like someone, knowing when to end a conversation becomes impossible. We never want to end the conversation! But, when it comes to knowing how to keep a guy interested through texts, ending the conversation before it becomes dull is a smart move. You can always text this person again in an hour or so. But leaving some space for you two to miss each other is a good thing. [Read: How to not be a boring texter and keep your crush interested]

#7 If you don’t feel like texting, then don’t. Sometimes we push ourselves to text someone we like out of the fear of them losing interest.

When in reality, we’re just not feeling like talking to anyone. And listen, that’s okay. You can’t always be on a high. There will be some days where you just want to put your phone away and relax. Let him know that you want to sleep or watch Netflix and that you’ll text him later.

#8 Less really is more. No one and I mean no one wants to read an 80-page text message. It’s literally everyone’s nightmare. If you can’t text what you want to say in a couple of sentences, why don’t you send a voice message or call him? I know calling is a thing of the past, but it’s a better form of communication than texting. [Read: The must-know secrets you need to use to text a guy you like]

#9 Let your best side shine. This is your opportunity to put your nerves on the side and just be yourself. Sometimes when we like someone, we try to be someone we’re not, and that’s never a good idea. But over text, you don’t have the anxiety of seeing them face-to-face. So, take a deep breath and chill out.

#10 Get to know each other. Over text, you should use your messages to get a feel for who the person is. You don’t need to interview them, but you should get to know each other. Send each other memes or links to movie trailers. Figure out what he’s into and what he enjoys. This will help you out when figuring out a date plan. [Read: How to subtly ask a guy out over text and get the answer you want]

#11 Don’t be shy to flirt. It can be a little easier to flirt with someone via text because you have time to think about what you want to say back. Enjoy this opportunity to flirt with them without having to be face-to-face. Though, I must say, face-to-face flirting is also extremely fun. But texting gives you the chance to build up some sexual tension.

#12 Take it easy with emojis. We all love using emojis, I’m no stranger to the “kissy” face, but the worst thing you can do is fill an entire text with 300 hundred emojis. Why? Are you trying to teach him how to read Egyptian hieroglyphics? I thought you wanted to talk to him? Take it easy on the emojis and use them when necessary. [Read: 12 flirty emojis that’ll make you a pro flirty texter in no time]

#13 Don’t get discouraged if he doesn’t text you back right away. Everyone is busy nowadays with endless things to do. So, he may not be able to text you back in ten seconds. But don’t let that get to your head.

Now, if he messages you back four hours later with a one-worded text, that’s different. But if he does text you back and it just takes him ten minutes to do so, it’s fine. You can’t expect everyone to be glued to their phone.

#14 Grammar is your friend. You’d be surprised how far grammar can take you. When you’re trying to learn how to keep a guy interested through texts, it’s important to remember that there’s nothing less attractive than reading a text entirely abbreviated. It’s so frustrating. It’s a text! What? You can’t type out the extra two letters of a word? Come on, you know better than that. Write properly for yourself. [Read: Follow these 12 habits for texting in the early stages of dating]

#15 Live your life. Yes! Don’t sit at home, eagerly waiting for him to ask you out. It never works out like that. Life your life. Go see your friends, workout, hang out with your mom; don’t sit around waiting for him to come to you. That’s really the worst thing you can do to yourself. Show yourself and him that you love yourself and don’t need him to complete you. [Read: The art of keeping a guy interested and eager to spend time with you]

#16 He may not be that into you. Here’s the thing, you can do all of these things and even more, but you should never force someone to like you. [Read: Why is he texting you if he’s not interested? The truth]

Even if you’re showing your best self, and you’re sending the best memes out there, it doesn’t mean he’s going to fall in love with you. When it comes to dating and feelings, it’s tricky. The best you can do is be yourself and if he likes you, great. If not, you have to move on.

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Listen, you can use these tips on how to keep a guy interested through texts, but remember, there’s a chance that he may not be that into you. And if that’s the case, nothing you do can change his mind.

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